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Veronica Varlow
  -  Uncategorized   -  How To Have The Courage To Be Vulnerable (and How It Can Change The World)

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My Danger Darlings…
I was in a car accident the other night.
Luckily no one was hurt and even ended with the 80 year old man who hit me hugging me as we danced in front of a police car on a New York city street together.
Life is fragile.
We are only human.
And as I finally got back to my home, I parked the car and looked back to see the side mirror dangling by a thread, the scrapes all over the side….
and I thought,
none of us gets out of this life without dents and dings.
It is all a part of this wild adventure of human existence.

I will be posting your Monthly Tarot horoscopes on Wednesday, but wanted to share with you a mini reading I did for the Parlour on Saturday that spoke volumes to me and I felt was a message I wanted to share with you.
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I know at first glance it’s scary, but stay with me, Friends.

Ugh. The three of swords.
I stopped breathing for a moment when that card showed itself.

I always want to run away from sadness or the thought of it. I struggle with being afraid of admitting I’m sad for fear that I can’t be seen as sad and strong simultaneously, or sad and a person making a difference simultaneously, or sad and grateful/abundant simultaneously.

Is this strange? Do you know what I’m talking about?

There is still this unspoken stigmata of sadness.

But if I’m sitting here writing to you and pretending that I don’t know what sadness means, pretending that I don’t know what 3 of Swords feels like, by putting on a happy face and re-shuffling the deck to feed you some bullshit constant pollyanna stuff, you would KNOW.

I’m a fucking horrible liar.

What would it do to photoshop my own emotions and make them all flawless?
We already live in a world with unreal expectations and false manipulations
and expressing the real things (good and bad) is what connects you and I on a deeper level.

Having a card like the 3 of Swords come up gives us a moment to face the sadness together and see what our own heartbreaks have been.
We sign onto this life as wild things that live with our hearts peeled open to the world.
When we have the courage to stay that open and wild, the very best best magic can happen, but also the bad things can happen….and the trick is to keeping open throughout it all….to feel it all, to take in this life.

I gave the Parlour the example of last week as a great example of this reading.

Three of Swords: On Monday, I found out that Draven Rodriguez ended his own life, and felt the Heartbreak of the 3 of Swords.

Strength: On Wednesday, I pondered why are so hard on each other, on what makes the world to difficult a place for a person like Draven to continue on living. At that moment, I overheard a neighbor say disparaging remarks about my appearance. It really made me sick of how we feel the need to constantly judge each other, and I moved forward with the Courage and Strength card. I pulled the lion out of me, and figured out my own creative idea of how to stand up to the world judging us. Namely #cuteasfuck.

3 of Pentacles: On Friday, 48 hours after having a simple idea of people putting their picture with the #cuteasfuck next to it and declaring themselves beautiful, YOU GUYS took my little idea and YOU turned it into a REVOLUTION. You are the ones that kept tweeting pictures and spreading it. YOU are the ones that took that over and raced it across the internet like wildfire. And in all these tweets that you thanked me, I have to say THANK YOU, because without you, my idea would just be one little tweet that nothing happened with and it would get buried among millions of other tweets in the world.

YOU put it out there. You participated. You got active. And that is what teamwork and true revolution is all about.

So for this reading…. I ask you to ponder this:
When you think of heartbreak in your life, how can you pull the lion of courage out of you and move forward with teamwork and fellow co-conspirators to make a difference?

Thank you sincerely for being my partners-in-crime.
We stand together
and we are all stronger for it.
Thank you for having my back.
You know I’ve got yours.

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