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Veronica Varlow
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Wisdom Tooth
So….we finished our show in Hamburg, Germany (which was one of my favorites – more on that later), did a mini 15 minute autograph signing so that we wouldn’t miss our plane out of Frankfurt, got Happy Birthday sang to me while being mobbed by Emilie and the Crumpets in a ladypile post-show, raced outside under a star filled sky that we would be taking off into in another six hours to pack together my show things right out on the street, loaded all our things into a van and started the six to eight hour trek to the airport which would have us barely getting there in time to board our planes to the States…..
However, we had the power of the Autobahn at our side, and with no speed limits, the driver was going around 115 mph for the majority of the trip and we were there in four. I passed out in a cuddle pile with Contessa and Maggot in the backseat right before Contessa said, “I feel like my body is being hurled through space and time.” Which I thought was quite appropriate. It was kind of like being in a getaway car for a bank robbery, without the bank robbery.
We arrived at Frankfurt airport on time to share a good-bye cappuccino and some strawberries at an airport cafe before going off our separate ways, already scheming of our future exploits and tours to come….
Aprella and I wheeled our eight million bags of luggage on the flight to NYC, and cuddled, laughed and toasted our Singapore Slings to all our fabulous adventures in Europe.
Which leads me to the above picture, in which Niney and Burke picked me up at JFK and we headed up to our little writer’s cottage in the mountains for a road trip and to celebrate my birthday.
At the point the picture was taken, I was up for about 30 hours straight, give or take a 3 hour nap on the plane/van on the autobahn. Which is why Burke is in fact driving….
And you can see the steering wheel in both of our sunglasses, which any good gypsy will tell you, foretells the fabulous future to come, a future of many more great adventures, rock and roll tours and a road trip for Revolver next Spring.
SO BE IT! Pack your bags and let’s go!