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Veronica Varlow
  -  Uncategorized   -  Headed to 2010…

Me and Burke Heffner, my darling husband and co-conspirator in world domination at his studio….
I woke up this morning to snow falling and an excitement in my heart like something wonderful was about to happen. It’s a brand new day. I checked my email and the first one I read was a letter from a VKA soldier halfway around the world in Latvia, named Amechi, who wrote me a lovely letter about how hearing my story inspired her to go for her dreams and as I continued to read, there was another beautiful letter from Kali in Norway who said that seeing me go after my dreams has inspired her to go after hers. I felt so touched by these amazing women and their stories of all they are accomplishing and they both, in turn, inspired me.
This made me know – without a shadow of a doubt…. that we are all in this together.
And we have fires searing our hearts with all the never-ending gorgeous possibilities of the future we want to create. 2010, my Darlings, means the future is now.
In New Orleans, I visited one of the oldest voodoo queens in town and she told me that 2010 would be one of our best years yet. That some kind of shift is happening, that people are stirring from their sleep with wide-awake dreams…
All of you reading this – every single one of you….I will never be able to express how much I appreciate you out there in the world living your dreams in all the ways you can. We inspire each other, my Friends. We feed each other. We have the courage to scream out our greatest dreams to each other and the bravery to make flying leaps out into the unknown to achieve them.
It is not something one can do on their own. It takes an army. A group of dedicated friends, like-minded dreamers and fellow travelers…..and here we are.
I chose this picture that Burke took two days ago in his studio because it shows the beautiful feather that my friend, Deotriese gave me in Amsterdam. It has become my lucky feather. In my mind, it represents all of you who have shared this incredible journey with me, those of you I have met and those I have not met yet, but somehow we have touched each other’s lives. It is my medal I am wearing for you. It is the way I symbolically bring all of you on my adventures in the world. And to show you – I am fighting for you just as much as you are fighting for me.
My wish for this New Year is that we continue to break through the boring threads of “reality” and make our lives the things we have always dreamed of. That good and helpful people will cross our paths, that we will walk along this road with friends we will have forever and that one day, we will be able to tell the world that we did it.
Because we will.
It’s happening already and we cannot be stopped.
The world is changing and we, as the dreamers, will find ourselves as the Kings and Queens.
Just you wait.
Meet you in 2010.