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Veronica Varlow
  -  Uncategorized   -  Happy Thanksgiving

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I am grateful for you.
I give you this sunrise that I found on the road one day.
In this picture,
I hope I can pass on to you
an idea of hope,
a spark of something new,
an aching for a new beautiful adventure
and so much potential waiting ahead.

Life can be completely fucked sometimes.
Life can be muddled with regret and longing and sadness sometimes.
But I want …
for this moment….
I want you to look at this sunrise I found for you.
I want you to look forward to what you dreamed of….
Of what you deserve
and know that it always awaits you in any new day.

Let’s go there together.

And I am here
awaiting you in a new day.
And we don’t give up
we hurl our bodies into the mysteries
of our dreams
of our mythologies
of our wildness.

and unafraid.

And we aren’t dead yet
and we are fighting the good fight
and there is this sunrise
that I saved

Thank you for coming back here and reading and sharing and living and not giving up.

Tell me what you are grateful for……

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