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Veronica Varlow
  -  Uncategorized   -  Happy New Year 2009!

evidence of Bunny's knee
Welcome, my Loves, to a brilliant new year. Our bright and beautiful future is finally here.
I rang in New Years surrounded by some of my best friends and performing at my favorite underground party in the world, Shanghai Mermaid. It was lush, lavish and full of 1930s decadence. The above photo is my dearest dearest boy crush, partner-in-crime and husband, Burke Heffner dancing with me in the wee morning hours and captured by Entwined Studio.
At the strike of midnight, I will admit that I was a little bit sad to see 2008 pass away into the dark and starry night. 2008 was one of the best years of my life professionally and personally. I got to see the world touring with Emilie and the Crumpets, I got to meet many new and interesting people all over the world (which resulted in VKA), I met my “little sister” Andrea on MTV’s Made -who will be a friend for life – and was a life-changing experience for me! It was a year of adventuring and new experiences. It was a lively year where I felt completely and utterly spoiled by the universe. More than ever, I felt my loved ones that have passed on guiding me on course and cheering me on. I also felt a tremendous amount of love and support from those I love here on earth – from people that I’ve known my whole life to people that I’ve only just met.
My dearest, darling Two Thousand and Eight…you took me in your arms and adored me. You showed me I could take the terrifying leap to make a living doing nothing but my dreams, and you helped me soar. My eyes were opened to new opportunities and inspiration in the beauty of every day life. I will take all the wonderful things that I learned with me into this new year, and I will never forget you.
And welcome, 2009 – I have known in my secret heart of hearts for a very long time that you are the one for me. I have been waiting for you for years….
Come, take my hand – whisper in my ear of all the promise you hold…
and let’s begin the dance, shall we?