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Veronica Varlow
  -  Uncategorized   -  Go-Go Licious with The Devilettes!

Feast your eyes on these Dangerous Dames.
Behold San Francisco’s Go-Go Sweethearts…. the Devil-ettes!
The vampy campy vixen in the top row middle is none other than my San Fran Sis, Miss Alex. This lil’ siren is a ball of fire and I’m proud to know her! I mean, look at this picture, will ya?
Synchronized shimmying at its finest.
Pictures like the above one makes me have faith in humanity again. And fills me with delight that firecracker girls like these exist. Alex is a super doll, and her journal cracks me up. Reading it is addictive, and she sometimes updates more frequently than me. So the days that I don’t update, you’re allowed to cheat on me with her. Go ahead. Indulge.
Miss Alex if you’re reading…rockstar hugs to you for hooking me up with my lil’ sassy Devilettes tee.
Sending you lotsa love and I’m proud to REPRESENT the girls over here in Brooklyn!