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Veronica Varlow
  -  Uncategorized   -  GK2 Wins!

One of GK2’s many scary creatures in the abandoned factory
So I just got back into town and got an enthusiastic message from Zina letting me in on the great news that the video he directed and created, GK2 won Best Video at the International Festival of Horror! Which made me squeal in delight as we all ♥ our Zina Brown and all his beautifully twisted and magical films. It’s nice to see someone who worked so hard on a project get the recognition that he deserves!
THEN…this morning, I found out that there is a screening of it tonight in New York City! It’s going to be at the 3rd i Festival happening tonight at 5pm and 7pm at the Two Boots Pioneer Theater. Zina’s going to be there to entertain you and answer any of your questions, and I’m going to be there at the late show after I get my stitches out of my gums this afternoon.
How hot is that?
All for a mere nine bucks! This segment of 3rd I celebrates “Free Speech, Artistic Excellence and Community”…so come on down and support Z and damn good independent films if you are in NYC tonight. It’s going to be a good time.
And stay tuned for tomorrow to hear all about my silly adventures in the woods (which is kind of like a horror film…but not, um, at all).