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Veronica Varlow
  -  Uncategorized   -  Farewell Kisses, Lux….

evidence of Bunny's knee
I just found out that Lux Interior of the legendary psychobilly punk band, The Cramps, just passed away today. I was hoping beyond hope that it was just a hoax – but it was just confirmed by Billboard. Ugh. I feel kind of stunned at the moment over it. I can’t really believe it’s true.
The first time I heard The Cramps was at a skate park in middle school and I was addicted. Lux’s voice was sexier than anything and Poison Ivy was a badass with the guitar. I loved that they were husband and wife and out there in the world in this rock and roll band together. I remember wanting a relationship like theirs when I was in high school – the kind where you get to do your dreams together and you never have to grow up. They did that and they did it damn good. They made rock and roll magic happen.
Sweet Lux, there will never be another like you. You knew how to take to a stage and make it your bitch. You threw yourself into the music – thrashing, screaming, gyrating, convulsing – and you brought us there with you. Thank you for keeping us sick.