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Veronica Varlow
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In June, I started talking (via email), with this brilliant artstar of a femme fatale in New Zealand, and I’m so proud to have her featured here as a Danger Girl! This kickass dame even plays guitar in a band (a fantasy of mine for forever) and has the face of a 1930s screen goddess. She’s wearing the Lucy In Wonderland Dress, exclusive to my lil’ boutique, Danger Dame.
Without further ado…introducing Miss Devon Danger!
I’m currently living in New Zealand, in a terribly small town, where i go to art school, working my way towards a bachelor of fine arts. Im usually more a pin-up artist than model, with all my painting being inspired by the 1930’s – 1950’s pinup artists like george petty, elvgren, bunny yeager and so forth. I also do alot of pinup photography, with my friends being more than happy to take the time to pose for me. I’ve only done a little bit of modelling so far but im finding it more fun than i imagined, so im hoping to start doing it alot more. When im not doing projects for school i design flash for the local tattoo parlour and play guitar in an all girl band.
Good luck with everything you’re doing, Miss Devon Danger! Take on the world, Dollface!