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Veronica Varlow
  -  Uncategorized   -  December 7th

evidence of Bunny's knee
Happy Birthday, Jeff!
It has been two and 1/2 years since you passed away, but I have never felt you closer in my life.
Thank you for always watching over me. Thank you for putting such amazing people in my life. Thank you for helping make my life the adventure we always talked about that it could be. I know in my heart, you are behind all the wonderful and lucky things going on in my life. I know you were laughing when I ate the last cupcake last night (it was an accident) – and then Dicie grabbed the bag of green M & M’s which she put in a bowl with candles – so we could wish you happy birthday at midnight.
Oh, Jeff…I wish you were here so I could hug you. But I know you are around me, I see you working your magic into my every day.
Today was the day you were born and I am celebrating. I hand set over three
hundred diamond crystals to my new feather fans and with each crystal I attached, I thought of wishes, of dreams that we would talk about sitting on the bench downtown, of all the crazy adventures we had, of all the encouragement you gave me …you always believed in me. Now two beautifully adorned crystal feather fans sit before me and tomorrow I will dance with them for a major event. And when I will dance with them, Jeff, I will imagine all of that happiness, all of that love and friendship that we have always had, swirling around me. I will dance because I can…because I’m so grateful for so many things and most of all, I am grateful that I had the time I did with you on earth. And I know that you are never far away from me….death will never win over us.
Thank you. Happy Happy Birthday, Jeff. I’m thinking of you and I love you always.