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Veronica Varlow
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I love my Miss Marlene…
Ever since I saw the Blue Angel, I have wanted to be like her! For utter years, I’ve daydreamed about slinking across the stage and singing all sultry. And as each year has passed, I’d go to burlesque shows and wish I could be up there, too. But I was just too terrified! So instead, I’d go home and slink around my house, drape myself across the couch and sing into my hairbrush. Alone.
In December, I had an unbelievably vivid dream that changed my life. I dreamed that I had died and I was in the afterlife. In this gorgeous afterlife in my dream – there is no self-doubt, no competition, no worrying what others think…nothing holding me back at all. At one point in the dream, there was a piano in the corner, and I told someone how I had always wanted to sing and play the piano. “So, get over there and do it then,” she said. “But I can’t sing and I can only play “Mary had a little lamb’ on piano,” I said.
At this point, she looked at me and laughed and said, “You only think that because you’ve never tried. Trust me, you can do anything you want to do.”
I woke up and realized, that because of my fear about getting on stage and singing badly or worrying what other people would think – I haven’t done this little dream of mine. It was a serious wakeup call to me…we’re only around for so long…so we might as well celebrate and set the world on fire doing what we love!
Two days after the dream, I went with my friend, Rob to go see Trixie Lu perform with Ixion Burlesque. I was blown away! It was a performance that truly captured that old vaudeville style. On stage were the strong and sassy girls of the show, stutting their stuff and on the side of the stage was the uber-talented musical team of Albert and Kirby – playing their hearts out on the piano and drums. There was more glitter and boas then you could shake a stick at. And you know how much I love glitter!
Because of the dream, my friend Rob’s urging and a shot of tequilia, I got the nerve to walk up to them and ask them if they were looking for anybody else. “Sure,” Albert said. “Do you dance?” “OF COURSE!” “Do you sing?” “OH, YES!” And I did it all with a straight face. I figured if I can make other people believe it, maybe I could trick myself into believing it.
So far, so good! The World Famous *BOB* took me under her glitter wings and I started out on stage doing her “World Famous *BOB* New Revue” at the end of April! She is an angel and a huge inspiration – so it was a blast to start out with…even though I had a 101 degree fever that night! Now that’s hot! A mere week later, I debuted in my first full show with Ixion Burlesque – and I haven’t stopped since…meeting the most amazing line-ups from burlesque troops all over NYC! The girls are so amazing, sweet and sassy and great to be around.
So for the past couple months, I’ve been crazy running around finding fun outfits, stealing Burke’s top hat, building feather fans, getting bigger false eyelashes (is that even possible for me? *wink!*), trying out ten different types of glitter, practicing on my uber-high heels, singing in the car, in the shower, on the subway for spare change (okay, no, but don’t think I didn’t think that)…
and super special thanks to Burke and Jeff Stark who built the real barbed wire fence for one of my acts ♥!
So without further ado…lemme set YOUR heart on fire!
Me sitting backstage anxiously awaiting my first time on stage! And yes, it’s a top hat ala’ Miss Dietrich!
After all this time, I’m FINALLY doing it! I will be performing with the utterly fabulous Ixion Burlesque on June 6th! Come down and see the gorgeous and amazing talented girls that I am lucky enough to be in the same room with, let alone the same stage!!!! This week features: Molly Crabapple, Ruby Valentine, Halle Petro, Dale Chandler and the world premiere of Tabitha Ray and my long time close friend, the glamourous Slim West!
Let us entertain you!
The details….
All this fabulousness for a mere 3 bucks. That’s right, 3 bucks. So get your plane tickets now, hitch a ride, steal a bus….whatever you need to do to let me see your sweet lil’ faces in the audience.
Oh….and you know how to whistle, dontcha?