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Veronica Varlow
  -  Uncategorized   -  Carsten Appreciation Week

Wisdom Tooth
The last two days I haven’t had a stitch of internet – and I’ve missed you. We’re on the tourbus right now and we’re pirating some wireless so I figured I’d say hello. Above is a picture of Carsten (our bodyguard/merch King) and me in disguise from last tour after we were all out all night long in Hamburg.
We travel with a crew who truly end up being our road family. Carsten has been a part of the tour since the very beginning. Because many of you who are reading this come to see our shows, I just wanted to introduce to you in little segments the people behind the scenes who really make this tour awesome. Carsten is our bodyguard and also is the King of Merch – you can find him hustling behind the merch table every night. He’s the sweetest guy on the face of the planet (if you’re on his good side that is…) and he’s quick with the merch, good to us and good to the fans.
This week is official Carsten Appreciation Week – he has stood by us – protected us – and made us smile through all of these tours. If you see Carsten behind the merch table tonight – show him some love! He deserves it.