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Veronica Varlow
  -  Uncategorized   -  Bruce Jenner, Transgender and Why This Relates To All of Us

bruce-jenner-interview-i-am-a-womanThe most courageous thing that we can do, is be our true selves.

After last night’s incredibly moving interview with Bruce Jenner, one thing she said really hit home for me:

“We still identify as female…and that’s very hard for Bruce Jenner to say….and because why? I don’t want to disappoint people.”

Bruce Jenner held to this secret for 65 years to not disappoint others.

No matter who you are,

no matter what your current situation in life is,

let me ask you this…..

Have you ever denied and shut down your true self because you didn’t want to disappoint others?

I have.

And what Bruce said is the common thread of so many of our journeys in life.

Bruce Jenner has the bravery and honesty to speak out, to boldly be herself, and in doing so, will help others around the world who struggle to be themselves on many different levels.

Confession:  I have and have always had tremendous shame around my sensuality.

I don’t know where it comes from, or why….but for years, I would push my sensual side down, and bury it within me, unexpressed, because I felt like me being my true sensual self would cause people to judge me harshly, think bad thoughts about me, and shun me.

So I hid and shoved it down and did the things I was supposed to do – until that one day the rottwelier attacked me in the face and it made me realize I was living my life for the approval of others and not for myself.

And a year after that, I stood on the stage of the original Slipper Room, in sparkles, 1940s vintage leopard print, black fringe and slowly pulled everything off to the music.  For one of the first times in my life, I felt like I revealed the true me for the 3 minutes the song played.

Because life is too fucking short to hide too long
and hiding our true selves is too painful.


Now my own personal story is NOTHING compared to what courage and bravery Bruce Jenner and our transgender friends have to go through.

But let’s think on this….let’s think about the example that Bruce put out there to the world….

fuck shame.

Let’s be kind, gentle and understanding to each other.

In all our own ways, we currently hide, or have hidden, from what we felt like would disappoint others about our true selves.

It’s time to come out…

and shine.

It is our responsibility to do this.  It is our responsibility to stand boldly in all that we are….


so others will know they are not alone, so others will have the courage, too.

Courage is contagious.

Thank you, Bruce Jenner, for making a difference with your voice and your example.

Thank you TO ALL who fight to be their true selves.

This burlesque stripper stands with you in pride.


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