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Veronica Varlow
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evidence of Bunny's knee
I got some amazing pictures back from Matt Collins of Crush Images – here are two to share in this post – much more to come. Thank you, Matt for capturing the insanity on film.
Last night in Leipzig, we played in an underground German bunker. It was an original stronghold for the city back during the 30 Year War and it was quite surreal to be in this huge cavernous place with all these little secret passages, old spiral staircases, and winding tunnels. The crowd was amazing – and it was so good to see much loved familiar faces in the audience. Thank you for letting me practice my German on you. Ah, yes, my sweet things, world domination is so near…
After the show, there was cookies and kisses, there was group singing spontaneously to “Wicked Game” – alas the guilty parties involved have not forwarded me pictures as evidence to share with you. But I have been promised a happy birthday song sang to me at the festival by a group of devoted muffins in Thale on the 30th. And incriminating video evidence of thus – and anytime you put the words “incriminating” and “video” in a sentence together – you know it’s going to be good.
And speaking of video…the cat is out of the bag so I can tell you now. We are filming an official DVD of this tour. I’m also going to be filming guerilla style on stage with the “Crumpet Cam” so when you see me stage diving into the audience with a video camera – just remember – GLAMOUR is the word.
Right now, we’re in Hamburg – a few hours away from the show. This is the second time now that we’ve been through here – in December and now. Aprella, my official adventuring partner and I quietly crept away earlier to explore Hamburg. And now, Emilie is on stage – her beautiful voice is filling the room with the sounds of Mad Girl in sound check.
See you on stage – I’m saving a kiss just for you.
evidence of Bunny's knee