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Veronica Varlow
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So the other day, I came home soaked to the bone by a furious rainstorm that hit the city. Not the average rainstorm mind you…the kind of rainstorm that hits you sideways and washes all your sins into the gutter forever. So I’m drenched and freezing and absolved with goosebumps all over my skin when I check the mail. And there is a disk of images from photographer extrodinaire James Groves from our photoshoot in LA.
One, I can’t even tell you how happy I am with the results…I will share more photos with you over the next week from the shoot. Jim was absolutely a gentleman, very professional and made me feel like we’ve been hanging out together for years. Hell, he’s the person I was with when I saw the Hollywood sign for the first time – so I guess that makes us friends forever.
…and he actually still likes me after I nearly killed the two of us pointing it out while he was driving…but we won’t go into that story…
*whistles* If you wanna check out more of Jim Groves’ photography work and you are near the Philadelphia area…head on over to his exhibit, in fact…HEY, WHAT ARE YOU DOING TONIGHT??!!
He will be displaying lots of his gorgeous photos, and I’m super flattered that he picked a photo of me. The show is a preview of the photography book “Good Luck In Hell” that he collaborated on with several other very talented photographers.
And guess what???
It’s happening tonight and tomorrow night!
Starting at 7pm both nights:
Philomathean Art Gallery
University of Pennsylvania
College Hall, 4th Floor
34th & Locust Walk, 19104
Philadelphia, PA
So stop readin’ this post, steal a car, grab your honey, and head on down!