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Veronica Varlow
  -  Uncategorized   -  Adventure Blog: Carhenge, Rainbows and a Magic Stray Cat

We got there before nightfall.
An abandoned homestead from 1833 whistled
as the wind whipped through its empty windows.
My black markered finger tips plucked at the strings of my guitar
and the 171 year old house sang.
Two shadows of burros walked into view to listen.
The sun fell from the sky
and the stars stole its place
and lightning raged in the distance.

We slept across from the little house.
We woke up to the sunrise and I played the abandoned house one more song.
The little stray followed me everywhere.
Didn’t want me to go.
I didn’t want to either.
I could just stay on that little house on the prairie with the strays
I asked her if she would meet me much later in the afterlife,
if she’d be there when I arrive one day –
she said yes.

We will be shooting this house in Revolver.
It’s a good place to hide.
A told the little Stray she could be in in it,
if she wanted to be.

The road called loudly…
we had to move on.
There were more things to find.
Road Style for the Day:  Little House on The Prairie Realness
Dress found in thrift store while on tour in Georgia = $15
Throw on hair flowers to accessorize and DONE!

AND….good news! Guess who had a meeting with the awesome chamber of commerce for the town of Alliance, Nebraska and scored permission to shoot CARHENGE???
A crucial scene in the film takes place here.
Pocket and Blue whisper secrets between the cars – and she finally reveals a secret she’s been holding on to for too long.
The people of Alliance are amazing – and they are letting us shoot there when Carhenge is closed for an incredible sunset/night fall scene.

The world of Revolver is coming together.
The signs are everywhere if you look for them.
And I do.
Like our page on Facebook because we are announcing our cast there in the next week – and you are going to freak out.
Until then…see you tomorrow for another adventure blog!

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