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Veronica Varlow
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Burke and Zina on a break from shooting GK2 in an old 1930s factory. Which was of course, abandoned.
Mmmm…seeing a pattern here? We love our abandoned locations. Here, there, and everywhere.
Give us danger.
And even more, we super-duper love when Z’s project that was shot in above mentioned abandoned random factory, got accepted into the International Festival of Horror.
Feast your pretty lil’ eyes on this.
So the dames, dolls and femme fatales of Ohio and also to my wandering roadtripper girls…get thee to Cincinnati, Ohio for today and Sunday and yell like mad for Z’s “GK2” video. I promise you’ll like it. It has monsters and monsters and chase scenes and more monsters and action and more monsters.
Cause well, what would be scarier than wandering through an asbestos-filled, old factory on the verge of collapse?
Wandering through an asbestos-filled, old factory on the verge of collapse with monsters.
AND…another tidbit of cool news…
one of the sassiest dames I know…Miss Joanna…
This wonderful girl is about to venture off to Africa to write about the AIDS crisis. Joanna is a breathtakingly beautifully talented writer and she just recently won a major grant from the prestigious Kaiser Family Foundation giving her the opportunity to research and work intensely on her article.
J…I love you forever…and I’m super proud of you.
Damn…what an incredible bunch of pals that I’m lucky to have. You really inspire me by fighting for your dreams and delving into the adventure of it all. You guys are the bestest. Not to mention these two dolls…. Lulu and Miss Darling…
Fourteen bucks in gas. Three girls. One very small car and an unlimited stretch of gorgeous Autumn colored highways.
It doesn’t get better than that.
Thank you for a beautiful adventure.