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Veronica Varlow
  -  Uncategorized   -  3 Unconventional Ways to Rock Out the Last Days Of 2014

As I type this – we’ve got 20 days left of 2014.
20 Days.
It’s snowing and we are moving towards the darkest day of the year in the Northern Hemisphere.
It’s so easy to hibernate.
It seems all but natural that the Universe is saying – “It’s cold and it’s dark….stay in bed.”
But fuck that…
We are going to rock out the last 20 of 2014.
Here are my tips to get unstuck and make it count:

1. Let Your Resolutions Be Zombies.
You know….bring them back from the dead.
Come on. Admit it. You made them moments after midnight. You were on a dance floor somewhere, you were wild, and it seemed like everything would be easy just by you saying the words out loud of what you wanted.
Yeah. Me, too.
It’s time to dredge up those resolutions and pick one to dance with.
Assign your last 20 days to hacking away at one –
it will make your New Year seem so much sweeter.

2. Hop in A Time Machine and Let “Current You” Give “Future You” an Awesome Story To Tell.
Imagine Yourself as a Pink Haired Bicycle Riding 90 Year Old.
Okay. Maybe that’s just going to be me. But imagine 90 year old you.
You’re about to pull on your sparkly dress and hop onto a hover craft to get to the festivities and someone says…”What was in like back in 2014? Do you remember?” And your answer is, “Do I remember? Damn. Those last 20 days of 2014…? I’d tell you, but then I’d have to kill you.”
Do one thing in these last 20 days of the year that will give you a good future story.

3. Turn Your Core Inside Out.
We all have that thing….that dream that’s in our core –
it lives right behind where our ribcage meets…
and it knows exactly what we want.
What we dream of.
Who we want to be.
Who we want to grow to be.
In these last 20 days, whisper it out loud.
See how it feels.
Try it on.
Imagine yourself doing that thing and set appointments for January 2015 to set it into motion.
For example: Say you want to be a writer. You want other people to refer to you as a writer in 2015 when they talk about you.
Make one of your last instagrams/tweets/fb posts of 2014 with you sitting in front of an old typewriter, or you doodling in a cafe like this:
Images convince more than words do.
Not only are you convincing others, you’re convincing yourself.
You’re trying it on and it looks GOOD.
Then make 2 appointments for 2015:

  • Call that friend that you want to have a weekly writing/coffee session with and make a solid first week of January appointment to start that first session.
  • Look at what writing conferences might be happening, or what readings in your local coffeehouse might be going down in January.  Commit to going to them and participating.

What wild things are you going to pull off in the next 20 days?
Do you have a photo that declares who you want to be in 2015?
Share in the comments and if you loved this post, please share to your friends.
Let’s have a wild gang for 2015 ready for TAKEOVER.

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