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Veronica Varlow
  -  Things I Think About Thursday   -  Things I Think About Thursday: You. Blowing my Mind.

Last week, I told you to leave a picture of yourself or a snapshot of something happening in your life in the comments.  I said that if I got 30 comments, one of you would get a 10 minute Skype date with me.

Confession:  I picked 30 because it seemed high to me.  I wasn’t really sure if that many people would put a picture up or comment.  I didn’t realize more than 30 of you were reading this blog.

Until I saw this:

Picture 26


What the what? 

I kind of freaked out.

It was a huge deal to me to see your faces and to read your stories.

Burke sneaky snapped this one of me while I was laughing/half crying reading it all….


It was a moment.

And as I scrolled through the comments…my whole world opened up – to the world of you.

A world of you with wild cats….

Henrietta Cinderella, with her kitten, Snarf <3

And you with dogs…..

Berenice Wakefield and her bestie

A world of sticking out tongues and making me laugh…

Maria Razo rocking it.

A world of Mr. Moosechester on your head just because…

Sera Iacullo and Mr. Moosechester kick ass.

A world of battle, bravery and triumph…

A hero of mine, Katie Ostrowski during her tumor battle. She got a second chance and is living her life to the fullest in Australia – healthy, vibrant, and happy.

A world of you – then and now….

Marie Macula, then and now… same place, taken 25 years apart.

A world of you – being bold…

Jezebel with her fire fans.

A world of sharing the memory of a great man…..

Cassie Szer’s best friend and Grandfather, who recently passed on. He survived the holocaust and lost half his family, but always kept his spirits up and never let the bad guys win. I cried reading Cassie’s tribute. So much love to all of you.

A world of smiles…

plaugekoneko19 with her cat Shadow.

plaugekoneko19 with her cat Shadow.

A world of you in cars…

Kurt Schwarz on an awesome Spring day.

A world of you sandblasting (?!?!)

NapalmEmmers doesn’t mess around.

A world of the Danger Diary and you (all the way from France!)….

Captain Loona reading some trash. <3

A world of you kicking ass…

Kaitlyn Marie doing her aikido rank test.

A world of friendship forever…

Nina Burns and her two best friends she’s known since she was 5.

Before you do anything else…you need to see all of the wild, adventurous, beautiful and candid photos posted in the comments last week. 

The world is small and we are big.  Together.

This is definitely happening again.  It was just too good not to do again.

But for now….drum roll please…..

The winner…chosen by is:

Congrats to Ariadne! Here is Eunice and Ariadne giving out the free hugs.

Which is fitting because I want to hug all of you until you can’t breathe.

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