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Veronica Varlow
  -  Things I Think About Thursday   -  Things I Think About Thursday: Walking Through A New Door

There is a place that will always be home to me.


Even when our original home burned to the ground and it was just the land left behind – it was still home.

I would wander back there and sit and write against the tree in front.   I would throw cards on the large mossy rock in back. I would lay down in the field where our house used to stand and watch the stars.

And on that land, a new door has opened….

Picture 14

Me and Niney in front of the handmade Hobbit Door of our house.

Doors are like rabbit holes….. where do they lead?  Where will you end up?

A row of old found doors make up our bedroom wall.

The shamrock door is from an old bar in Schenectady, NY. I think about how many people walked in and stumbled out of that door and the stories they would have to tell.

The wooden door with the four panes of glass all the way to the left is the original door for our home that burned down. It was damaged and the previous owners put it in the detached garage 8 years ago. In homage to our old home, that door leads up to the spire where you can see the stars always.

I was working on the house until midnight last night.  When I was shutting off the lights, I stood in what will be our bedroom, looking out into the night sky…exhausted and thinking about life.

Our stories.

What we come here to do.

What we come here to create.

What we dream of.

One of my favorite Danger Diary questions involves doors….

And because you are a part of all this… you typed in this address and a hit of your return key landed you at this door…

This is what’s behind it today.

A question:

You are granted a wish that you can walk through any door in the future.


What door do you choose to walk through?  (It’s an actual door in the future – examples – walking through the door of your future boutique in NYC, walking through the door of your future apartment in Paris, walking through the stage door of the Metropolitan Opera House right before you’re about to take the stage, walking through the door of an airplane about to take that adventure you’ve been wishing for, walking through the door of the college you always wanted to attend, walking through the door of Rolling Stone Headquarters right before your photoshoot for the cover.

Picture 17

Let your mind explore….


Tell me what door you want to walk through.  Give me the juicy details….where is it?  What does this door look like?

Push it open and walk in confidently in the comments….

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