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Veronica Varlow
  -  Things I Think About Thursday   -  Things I Think About Thursday: Time Travel Question

The fireflies were all around us.
We were side by side, the moon over our heads.

“Is there an event in history or a time period that you would go back to? Just for a day?” I asked.
Picture 120
“Mmmm. I thought about that yesterday. And then I thought, suppose we’re living in one of the greatest times in history, and we don’t even realize it?”

He had a point.

In the last week, I was whisked away on a ferry filled with the VKA (Veronica’s Kissing Army) headed to a haunted island in NYC, where a turn of the century carnival was in full swing.  The sound of the organ grinder’s music drew us in closer to the restored 19th century rides imported from France.

Picture 124
Which made me think….we can be time travelers if we want to.

We found ourselves in old school handmade tree houses…
Picture 122

And in futuristic homes made entirely of plastic milk jugs and plastic bottles…
Picture 125

There are treasures at every turn when we are caught in a space somewhere in between time.

Secret underground party locations at the mere “send” of an email. Passwords and clues. Places I wind up in this amazing city, that when I look around, sometimes I wouldn’t even know what era I was living in.

This is what I looked like in the 1930s………….. last week.

Or what I looked like as a futuristic sparklepony mermaid two weeks before….
Picture 127

We can roam back and forth throughout time. We can move through imagination just as surely as if we had been there. We can create our own story. Our own experiences.

I liked what his answer brought to the table….an idea of gratitude for where I am now.

I am a curious thing, however….so let me ask you:

If you had one day to be at an event at any point in history…or be in any era….where would YOU be?

Spark my imagination.

And let’s go there now.

And while you’re thinking about it…here’s some kissing at a turn of the century Parisian fair on a haunted island for your viewing pleasure:

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