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Veronica Varlow
  -  Things I Think About Thursday   -  Things I Think About Thursday: The Risk Takers

She was channeling spirits while her hands moved through the air
grasping at nothing
but eliciting wild sounds from the theremin.

Meredith Yayanos of The Parlour Trick

Meredith Yayanos of The Parlour Trick

He tapped and glided the bow down his violin
making it cry lullabies
for all of us.

Picture 26

Todd Reynolds and his haunting violin.

The room of 40 people stood hypnotized and silent. It was one of those rare moments, when something captured me so intensely, held me in its palm for a moment, that nothing else mattered or seemed to exist.

I was not thinking about having to wake up early, or the things I have to do in the 8 days before we launch our Kickstarter or where I was going to find a legal parking spot or if I had lipstick on my teeth – the random things that race in my mind regularly. Those things were shushed….hushed for this moment in time when I was sitting in a red gown, surrounded by people that I have dreamed of being friends with since I was little and watching…captivated by the music.

At one point, musicians Sxip Shirey and Jason Webley joined in…ringing bells, making sounds of rolling thunder, and twisting plastic tubes to produce eerie haunted sounds.

My skin was covered in goosebumps.

And then it was done.

Courtesy of the Parlour Trick

The Parlor Trick “Spirit Photography” -Photo by Audrey Penven.

Then Kai, turned to me and said:
“That song will never happen again. It was just that one moment, born that one time, alive and captivating, and then gone, never to be created again. And we were here for it.”

I hadn’t thought about that.
Todd Reynolds and Meredith Yayanos had never played together before. It was just a spur of the moment happening. Spontaneously created and then done.

I sat there for a moment. Thinking about that that song, now just a moment in time, gone forever, that gave me chills and pushed away all other thoughts.

I thought of the players of the song.
I thought of the people around me – friends who are artists and writers and musicians and filmmakers and storytellers.
All of them have fought to be who they are, to bring their art to the world.
And the melody is their victory.
I stood silently for a moment. Inspired.

I was among the magic makers and the risk takers.

For the ghost of the song that lasted for four minutes washed over me and whispered something to me that I will carry

like a talisman.

Take wild risks.
Fight the good fight.
It is all worth it.

Now you whisper to me… what is something creative close to your heart – your gift to the world, that you would fight for? OR Tell me something that inspired you where you could think of nothing else for the moments you were experiencing it. Curious to hear your answers…..

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