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Veronica Varlow
  -  Things I Think About Thursday   -  Things I Think About Thursday: Revolution, You and a Magic Bag

There is something in me, a little part of me, that no matter what…

will always be that girl that got picked last in dodgeball in middle school,
that girl that had three friends and got laughed at for trying to make a speech at the cafeteria,
that girl that accidentally peed everywhere when I laughed too hard at a sleep over party in 6th grade.

Yep. That was me.

Which is why, that all these years later, I am sitting here with tears in my eyes and astonishment over all the positive feedback and the outpouring of support for our dream of a film, Revolver.

Where did all of you come from?
And what have I done to deserve you in my life?
I hope you that one day, you will understand how much love I have for you guys.
It makes my heart want to burst.


Beautiful VKA Founding Commander Stripey smiling on the left, and I’m giving Liam Patch Reynolds the biggest hug I can muster our Nottingham, UK show.

Within moments of announcing the Street Team for Revolver – there were over 60 emails flooding my inbox from all over the globe – from Australia to Poland, from Holland to Norway, from NYC to LA, from France to Brazil. Suddenly someone started hashtaging #TeamRevolver on Twitter and it blew up.
Ribbet collage

Calendars are circled for October 18th our big Kickstarter launch day.
Team Revolver is an army at the ready and growing by the second.
We will not be denied…
Revolver Revolution!

Ribbet collage1

So before I launch into another something else fun…I like to give you questions to answer…
When was a time in your life that you felt really touched by a kind comment or compliment?
What was it?

Whisper to me in the comments.
And because I want to do something fun  (and my suitcase is bursting apart at the moment)….
I’m offering something personal of mine up for auction to help give us a kickoff pre-start to generating the funding for Revolver.  Many of you on this European tour have probably seen me toting around my adorable buttercup yellow 1960s round makeup case.

Me and my Magic Lil' Case Backstage in Hamburg, Germany.

Me and my Magic Lil’ Case Backstage in Hamburg, Germany.

It’s kitchy-cute vintage and once belonged to roomie superstar, Miss Kim Boekbinder. I’ve taken it all over Europe with me, and now it’s time to be passed on to you!
Here’s the catch – I can’t fit it in my luggage, so the winner has to be at the London show (the last European show).  Also because I need to use it until then!

I will personally pass it off to you as soon as the show is over. For fun, I’m just going to have a bid-what-you-want thing over at the street team page. Put what you would pay for it (in pounds because we’re in London), and the highest bid by Friday 9pm Eastern US time, will get it (must be able to paypal me within 24 hours of win).
What you get:

  1. Cute Vintage Buttercup 1960s Zip Up Make-Up Case.
  2. Inside there are two hidden compartments for makeup – one longer tray section for brushes, and one smaller tray area for lipsticks, lashes and eyeshadow.
  3. A swiveling mirror is attached inside that features a regular mirror on one side and a magnified mirror on the other side for tweezing and putting on that cat eyeliner purrrr-fect!
  4. I am also including a limited edition Corrupt Me Girlie Tank in the Winner’s Size (S-XL).
  5. I am also including a magic potion bottle necklace I made by hand OR a key necklace.  Winner’s Choice.
  6. A 5 Pack of the Danger Diary stickers.
  7. And you get to meet me after the show for five minutes – as I pass off the magic case and kiss you on the cheek and possibly hug you for what seems like hours.  (Ticket to show not included because I’m not in charge of that shizz.)

And 100% of the proceeds will go to making Revolver happen. Shall we start?

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