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Veronica Varlow
  -  Things I Think About Thursday   -  Things I Think About Thursday: Pushing Boundaries in a Badass Way

Sid Vicious raises his glass of milk and winks because……..
Picture 72
I’ve written in the Danger Diaries for 7 months straight!

…and he thinks that’s pretty punk rock.

It was a secret goal.
Something to push beyond my boundaries.
I was craving a little “shake up” if you know what I mean.

Seven months ago, I came home more inspired than I had been in awhile. My mind was racing with new ideas. I rolled down the windows of my little Bug on the drive home, the crisp Autumn wind whipping my hair in an explosion in front of my face. There was a fire in my soul like I was 14 and just got my first crush. I raced up the stairs, my book of scrawled notes from the weekend clutched against my chest. Burke was in the middle of working on a story when I barged into the apartment.

“I’m doing it for real this time.” I announced.

“That’s awesome.”

“No, I know I’ve said it before, but seriously. I’m doing it.

“What’s your challenge?”

Burke and I hold each other to things. We challenge each other and push each other to stay true to our commitments.

“I am going to challenge myself to write at least twice a week in my blog for……..”

“Six months?” He raised the stakes on what I was about to say. So I did what I always do. I try to top it.


What the eff did I just commit to?

There was a part of me that really wanted to go for it. I love writing. I love sharing. I love putting it out there on the table. So what was holding me back? Why had I tried to do a blog and failed for almost 10 years? Yeah, I’d blog for a bit….but then I’d lose interest and forget about it for months on end. I would start blog entries and then never finish them. I would tap into something real and be afraid to show my flaws or insecurities to the world, and never hit “Publish” on it. So I let it go. I gave it up.

It all changed when this gorgeous creature sauntered into my life…

Picture 75

Her name is Gala Darling.

I loved her instantly.

We met under the streets of Manhattan, sitting across from each other in a secret circle.  I was draw to her because she pushes boundaries.  She doesn’t just go for it, she lives full throttle, full on. And fucking fabulously, I might add.

I saw a post about her school with the brilliant Shauna of Nubby Twiglet (who is designing my book proposal (!), and the kick ass Kat of Rock and Roll Bride. It was called The Blogcademy and it was happening in a month in my city. That thing stirred in me, that gut feeling, that secret dream that wanted to grow. I had to do it.

I was a little afraid. What if I walk in and everyone’s all pro and I’m like – hey – I’ve written five blog entries in six years are they going to laugh at me? Am I going to be lost? Suppose everyone in that world knows each other and I get there and feel like I don’t belong at all?

Within moments, I was sitting by these really awesome girls…


Stephanie Marie of The Fete Blog and Natanya from Get Your Green On. Instant blog friends and support group!

And then these glamazons walked in….

Shauna, Kat and Gala

Shauna, Kat and Gala

The Trifecta of Badass Blogging Babes.

I can honestly say that what I learned there, changed my life, blew my mind and set me on a whole new path of blog lovin’.

After failing fabulously for ten years, I finally not only reached my blogging goal, but will continue to surpass it. This is a big deal for me. And I want to sincerely and publicly thank – Gala, Kat and Shauna for putting together such an amazing school, chocked full of incredible information, that continues to this day to change my life for the better. The support of the community I found at Blogcademy – and my blogging brothers and sisters – thank you for having my back and supporting the Danger Diaries.

The best friends in my life are the ones that have lifted me up, challenged me to new heights, and continue to push me to be the best version of me possible.

Thanks, guys.


Photo by Lisa Devlin of Devlin Photos


And thank you, Danger Addicts…(Danger Dames and Dudes)…for re-tweeting, sharing and reading my blog. It means the world to me.

Gala, Kat and Shauna are in NYC this weekend for another Blogcademy and are touring all over the world. If you are thinking about blogging or have been blogging for a long time and need new inspiration and insight…I would recommend this to all. The proof is in the pudding, Hun-nays.

This week on Things I Think About Thursday – my question to you is: Who is someone in your life who pushes you to be a better you? Who is someone who helps cultivate your dreams, help you grow and push beyond your own boundaries? Tell me about them. Include a picture or a link.

Go ahead. Gush.

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