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Veronica Varlow
  -  Things I Think About Thursday   -  Things I Think About Thursday: My Wild Mind in Pictures.

My mind is wild with sunshine and Spring.  You ready… let’s GO!  Today is this:

Blogging from my sunny spot at home.

Blogging from my sunny spot at home.

New York City is awesome because you find things on the street like this:

Picture 10

This is what they call “mining street gems”, Kids.

Yes.  I totally swiped that off the street. Otherwise my drag/burlesque friends would punch me in the face.

Speaking of friends – this is what my brain looks like on a Gala Darling high (it lasts a long, long time!):




She’s the spark that drove me to almost 6 months (?!?!) of regular blogging with this. Writing in the Danger Diaries has summoned up a whole bunch of new adventures in my life.

And speaking of new adventures…. I slept 10 feet away from two badass strangers last night in my apartment. Annetta and Rachel are writers, masterminds and urban explorers for Atlas Obscura. I went to their website and saw their mission statement:

Picture 13

How the F could I say no to that?

I consider turning strangers into friends through the use of a futon mattress, awesome stories and a cup of coffee – a fantastic adventure, indeed.

And speaking of badass girls…

Have you seen the vid for Fight Like A Girl yet?

Behind the Scenes:

Getting my makeup DID:

Being silly with actress Kathy Jensen – loved her!

The Gang on a Coffee Break <3

Now it’s your turn.

Hit me with a picture of you right now, or a snapshot you took of something happening in your life. If I get 30 picture comments or more…one of you will get a ten minute hot Skype date with me. You can ask me questions, I can give you a 10 minute tarot reading, we can whisper secrets…whatever!

That could be a wild adventure, no?


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