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Veronica Varlow
  -  Things I Think About Thursday   -  Things I Think About Thursday: Adventures Around the World and Outside Our Front Door
The Fortune Cookie I got at the Chinese Garden of Friendship.

The Fortune Cookie I got at the Chinese Garden of Friendship.

He is 73.  She is 71.

She is leaning over my seat to see out of the oval window on the plane.

“Look!  It’s the Empire State Building.  The Empire State Building!”

He leans over.  He holds her hand and tears well up in his eyes.

They are Australian and for their 50th wedding anniversary, they made the adventure to the other side of the world together.

I was lucky enough to be sitting beside them – to witness this.  The two Australians in their 70s, seeing the Empire State Building for the first time.

And maybe because I hadn’t gotten any sleep for close to 25 hours, and my emotions were raw and pushing the surface, I grabbed her other hand, looked down at the Empire State Building and tears came to my eyes, too.

I had felt the same way when I saw it for the first time. Every night when I go to bed in the city, I can see the top lights of the Empire State Building out of my window. She goes to sleep at midnight, and on special occasions, she keeps her lights on until 7am, like she did on New Year’s Day.

I have been a full-out sight seeing explorer in many places in the world….


Having a dress-up adventure at the Chinese Garden of Friendship 3 days ago.

But seeing the city I love and live in, through the eyes of a 70 year old couple, made me appreciate her that much more. It reminded me to be a tourist in my own city more and to go explore all the lovely treasures she has to offer.

No matter where you live around the world – from small sleepy towns to big cities – there are hidden treasures.

This week, I dare you to be a tourist in your own town and go on an adventure wherever you live.

This week, let’s have our adventures be waiting right outside our own front door.

If I was coming to visit you, what gem would you take me to see? What is your favorite thing about the place you live? Share with me in the comments!

Signing off with a metrocard and an adventure in my heart….

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