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Happy 2015! This photo was one of the first taken of me in 2015, performing a new number on stage at Dances of Vice, shortly after the ball dropped, and you can see the photographer captured me in a moment of pure bliss. May we all have that wild, unapologetic, passionate, this-is-what-i-was-meant-to-do bliss in 2015. More of that please! Here is my first Tarotscope of 2015

At last, your monthly Tarotscope is back! I stayed up all last night throwing down the cards for you and then woke up this morning to finish. It's my most intensive and well-loved blog post for the whole month. If you enjoy your Tarotscope as my gift to you, please pass this on, share it, reblog it, retweet it, and share with your friends. I put so