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The Revolverlution international Valentine's Day Exchange is BACK! And I. Want. YOU. I made a video to tell you all about it: This is what YOU do: ♥ Email your name and mailing address to by midnight on January 27th. ♥ You will receive a name and mailing address to your email that is your Secret Valentine. ♥ You make a Valentine, find vintage Valentine's, write a poem, write

Valentine's Day can be a lame holiday. And we want to make it kickass! So - me, Lady Cyanide and White Rabbit Days started a new Revolverlution project: International Valentine Exchange. Want in? It's easy! 1. Send your name and mailing address into by January 31, 2014. 2. You will receive your secret person by February 2nd. 3. Make a Valentine,

One thing that I have recently learned: For 8 years, Burke and I tried on our own to get funding for our dream. Once we put it out to you - this community helped us accomplish it in 28 days. More than ever, I believe in the power of community - and I want to give back. Then, Lady Cyanide and White Rabbit Days contacted me and