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Happy New Moon In Leo! Today is a perfect day to plant the seeds for new beginnings (for more info on today's new moon, check out my witch sister, Gala Darling's blog). There are SO MANY NEW things going on over here, People. MAGIC! LOVE! TAROT! TOUR BUS!!!! Yesterday, I announced The Parlour ONLINE Beginner Tarot Intensive Course and The Parlour ONLINE Advanced Tarot Intensive Course. In Brooklyn,

With the Empire State Building as our witness, and the tides singing their East River song against the pier where we sat, Gala Darling and I sat in the sunshine brainstorming for our wild magic futures. Why am I telling you this? Because the number one reason that people stumble onto Danger Diary, is because they google

Winter sometimes makes me feel like this. Luckily, Gizmo understands. You might understand, too. So I figured that if you haven't seen this before - it was time to put this beating seasonal depression post up! I was born in the Springtime.  I feel the most myself when Nature is blossoming around me, when the birds are singing, when the sun is shining. 

Confession: I don't know all the things to say, but I know it needs to be said. Trigger Warning. I'm talking about navigating through sexual manipulators that target younger people. I'm talking about how to know the difference between your boundaries and what a manipulator might do to make you feel like you're a "baby", "stuck-up", "uncool" to pressure you. And I'm talking to all of