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Veronica Varlow
  -  Magic Monday   -  A Wish in A Bottle, A Wish in the Snow.

In the Northern Hemisphere….the Darkest Days are here.
And I’m taking full advantage of those longer nights.
Let’s party!

Picture 30

Burke and I rock out the Solstice.  I am a deer.

Last year, I wrote about creating new holiday traditions
and this year, our wish bottle tradition continued on our tree.

My Vintage 1960s deer ornament watches over the Solstice wishes.

My Vintage 1960s deer ornament watches over the Solstice wishes.

As I type this, the tree is right in front of me, and 23 bottles of wishes dangle in front of me.
I am one of the guardians
of a wishing tree.

Scrolls of hopes
tied with ribbon
lit by tiny white bulbs.

When the sun was almost setting yesterday…
9 of us stood in the snow
in a circle
and said our wishes out loud.
Picture 33

My wish was that the 1,531 people that put their energy and support into our dream, Revolver…
and the unknown amount of people that couldn’t back, but supported us by spreading the word, helping us out, and encouraging us…
could feel a clear sense of happiness at that very moment
and know how much they were loved and appreciated….
by a girl
standing in the woods
in the snow
somewhere out there in the world.
Picture 34
Share your traditions with me.
What are traditions that you have started?
What are traditions you would like to start?
I want to implement one of your traditions into my world….

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