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Veronica Varlow
  -  Life Tips   -  My Top 8 Punk Rock Bag Picks for the Season with Pictures!

Picture 100When I’m talking bags, you’re not going to see designer swag here.
And what you definitely won’t see is plastic grocery bags – my arch nemesis!

FACT: Each year, an estimated 500 billion to 1 trillion plastic bags are consumed worldwide. That’s over one million plastic bags used per minute.

Plastic grocery bags take anywhere from 80 years or more to decompose.
I’m not cool with leaving that sort of garbage behind for the next generation.

So here’s my punk rock picks for the hottest
1. The Witchery bag that I carry everywhere is from my friend Brandon’s band, Ghastly City Sleep. I’ve gotten compliments about this beauty from all over the world.

2. When I attended Blogcademy a year ago, I walked away with this cute Ampersand bag filled with good ideas. I love the idea of “and….” let’s see what new adventure awaits!
Picture 97

3. For the total Tolkien nerd in me – this awesome bag.

4. In the library, 398.2 in Dewey Decimal System is where the Faerie Tale books are. Love this bag.

5. The blogger in me adores this old school vintage typewriter bag.

6. For the travelers – iconic buildings all over the world tote.

7. Retro Deer Party Bag with Personalized Name? Hell yes. The Snow White in me loves this and it will go so cute with my vintage slips in Summer.

8. The Mug Shot Bag that BatSpats designed and is selling on her store.   She should have her own mug shot for being such a badass!  <3
Picture 98

What are your fav plastic grocery bag alternatives?
Hit me with pictures and links below!

**And if you wanna join me and ditch plastic grocery bags forever…I’d have the biggest crush on you.

Don’t forget that Youth Homelessness Matters Day is TOMORROW.
We are changing the world together.

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