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Veronica Varlow
  -  Goal Achieving Tips   -  I Was Slowly Killing Myself Before I Figured Out These 4 Things.

lost.jpgI was stuck.  Hard.
I was in a job that I was whatever about.
I was lost.
The wild spirit I once had was being slowly killed off.

Figuring out my story saved me.

I’m not perfect. I’m fucked up, I’m raw, I’m honest and I feel every thing.
I want to hurl my body into the mosh pit of life…
and there are moments where I’m getting punched in the face
and moments when I feel held up and supported and sailing on top of it all.

But anything I’ve learned along my wild misadventures, I want to share if I think it might help you on your way.

I realized I could change almost everything through really answering four questions.  So for the next four Mondays – we’re going to go hardcore on these four:

♥  Who are you?
♥  What is your back story?
♥  Why are you interested in doing the things you love?
  Who is the superhero version of you?  What are the traits you want to be defined as?

Knowing the answers to these four questions will set you apart from the crowd.
Knowing the answers to these four questions will give you the success you are looking for.

Any rock star, superstar, noted author, sports hero or icon knows their story.
How can you know yours?

Who are you?

You know how to test how important this question is?

Imagine your favorite rock star or actor…do they “reveal” themselves and “put themselves into their work” so much that you feel like you actually know them in real life?

Case in Point:   One of my favorite guitar heroes is Jack White.
Even if you don’t know him and whether you like him or not, by the time you watch this clip of him, you will feel like you know him.

He’s on a farm, he’s dressed in vintage style clothing and he’s making a damn guitar from nailing two nails in a board and tying a metal string to it and putting a glass coke bottle underneath it and then playing it.

If that’s not badass, I don’t know what is.
It reveals a lot about him as a person.

And he lets the viewer feel like they are sitting in a rocking chair right next to him, sipping some country lemonade, hanging out.
He makes you feel like you know what it’s like to hang out with him.

When you put yourself out there…
whether it’s for that job that you’ve been dreaming of,
the gig that you want so bad you can taste it,
that love that you would die for….

if you know your story… can write your life.

Try This:  Imagine seeing yourself as the main character in a film or a novel.

♥  How would you describe your character? (This is sometimes helpful if you talk about yourself in the third person – it will help you reveal more and feel safe.  For instance:  She’s a wild risk taker.  He’s the quiet, deep poetic one.  She’s the adventurer with a heart of danger.  He’s the visionary filled with imagination and bold ideas.  Think about it. And also think about how you would like your character to be in an ideal world.)

♥  If your character was in their ideal surroundings where would it be? (In a vintage suit on a farm like Jack White? On a stage with old footlights in Paris? In a bookstore, sitting on the floor with a collection of stories around you?  In the middle of a major protest-holding up signs and fighting for your rights?)

♥  What is “in your blood”? In other words, what comes naturally to you? Surprisingly, by trying new things, you might be shocked at what you have natural ability at. As I’m learning to play guitar, I’m finding memorizing individual chords very easy. It’s making me more confident as a person. What is something that comes natural to you?

♥  If you were going to take one photo that said who you are to the world, what would be in that photo?  What would you be wearing? How can your story be told visually?

This is mine:
I am surrounded by my magic things that mean a great deal to me.
I am closing my eyes in a moment of dreaming.
I am covered in blue flowers specifically to bring the character of “Blue” from Revolver into my life.
And bright beams are being radiated out – so that my dream and vision can get out into the world.
This photo that Burke took of me – is my story in one photo.
What would your photo look like?

We will continue this conversation next Monday, so you have time to come up with your answers. Please share them in the comments. I always read every single one.

Fun Announcement: For those in New York City or surrounding areas….I am launching The Parlour – an in-person weekly intimate Tarot gathering where I will teach you tarot, how to read and secrets to know. This class is fantastic for all levels – beginner to advanced – everyone will walk away learning something. After the success of my tarot horoscope post, I was inspired! Thank you!


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