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Veronica Varlow
  -  Dreams and Magic   -  How To Make A Tough Decision with 1 Easy Tip

Two different roads are laid out before you.

↔  Maybe you’re struggling between taking a new chance in life vs. staying where you’re really comfortable and happy?

↔  Maybe you’re torn between continuing in a relationship that’s familiar and safe vs. venturing out on your own?

↔  Maybe you are battling between deciding if school is the way to go or if diving into real world job experience will help more?

↔  Should you stay in your hometown where you have connections, roots and family support or move to a city where you might have more opportunity to do what you love and start over?


In the past, I’ve been so terrified of making the wrong decision, that I froze and made no decision at all.

I found myself being pushed in wherever direction life was taking me
rather than making my own decisions and taking the reigns.

It can be really frustrating, scary and stressful to figure out what to do.
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If you are in this space, fear not.
I’ve got your back with a simple solution to solve decisions big and small decisions.

This is my secret weapon to kill confusion and indecision:
“Peeking into the Future”

♥  Take whatever two decisions you have in front of you.

 Say both aloud to a friend as if they are already happening in the future:

For example – say you’re torn between taking a possibly once-in-a-lifetime trip to Mexico with your best friend vs. taking that money that you saved and buying a used car with it. You would say outloud: “I am taking a trip to Mexico with my best friend.” and then, “I am buying a used car with the money I saved.”

♥  As you say both things aloud – one will seem to be more the “truth” to you.  There will be more passion behind one statement.   Silently note which statement seemed more true to you and then ask your friend who listened which statement seemed more the truth.

It’s surprising what we subconsciously already know what we should do!

Bonus Trick from Burke
This is great tip that Burke always has used and taught me.
Whenever he’s faced with a big decision –
he flips a coin.

As the coin is in the air, most times, he realizes he already has a secret hope of what it will be.

In other words, in the split second that the coin is flipping in the air, you might realize that you really hope it comes up “tails” and that you can go on that trip to Mexico. When it lands on “heads” and you’re disappointed….you know your heart is telling you to take that once in a lifetime trip.
Picture 12

I can tell you this…
in my lifetime so far, the only decisions I have ever regretted are the ones in which I chose against what my heart truly wanted.

Let your heart win.

Fuck everything else.

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