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Veronica Varlow
  -  Life Tips   -  How To Live Wild While We Can

Picture 42

I drove through this magical banyan tree tunnel every single day side-by-side with my Mom for the last five days.

On one of those days, she said that she always thought that the entrance to the afterlife would look just like that.

I agreed.

I told her that in my afterlife there would be Respectables (my old favorite club that I talked about in this post) and two chairs set up for us right where the ocean would lap the beach.

And we started to go back and forth on things we loved so much in this life – favorite places, favorite things, that we would build our perfect afterlives with.

We passed a sign that said something to the effect of – “Heaven can be brought to the dirt of everyday life.”

I thought about living this life so wildly that all my perfect things are lined up here on earth – so that every day I have some kind of magic that I want to take with me.

What are special places that you would like to take with you?

If you have a picture, please share in the comments, I want to see them, too.

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