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Veronica Varlow
  -  Life Tips   -  Dare To Do Something New: 21 Ways to Make Yourself Uncomfortable

When Jeff Stark asked me to do it,
I felt a little nervous and even more uncomfortable.
I said yes.
And last Saturday night, I played my own original song on guitar and sang for a gathering of 40 artists.
For the first time.

Let’s think about this.
When you look back on your life…think of the most important things you’ve done,
the pivotal choices you’ve made,
the events that helped you grow the most
and helped define who you are
will almost always be times when you tried something new,
dared to do something you weren’t good at, or didn’t fully understand.

Those moments are wildly uncomfortable for me.
My heart is beating a million miles a minute
and I want to run.
But I stay.
Because that’s what happens when a person grows, learns and really fucking lives this life.

Moments away from going on stage - me and my wild burlesque family.

Moments away from going on stage – me and my wild burlesque family.

I dare you to play with me.
Pick one of the things below or add your own in the comments, you can also accept others’ challenges in the comments.
Take a photo, video or write about your experience by next Thursday…
Report back in the comments.
Hashtag it to me on twitter as #dangerdiarydare
and I’ll do something daring, too.


Here are my uncomfortable things no one should miss out on….

  1. Start A Blog and Write Your Uncensored, Honest Views.
  2. Take Yourself Out To Dinner Alone.
  3. Stand Up For Something You Believe In Even When You Might Risk Disapproval.
  4. Go and See Live Music in a Genre You Don’t Normally Listen To.
  5. Introduce Yourself To Someone You Would Like To Know But Have Felt Too Intimated By.
  6. Learn a New Language.
  7. Travel To The Country Where They Speak That Language and Try It With Locals.
  8. Dress Opposite For Your Comfort Level.
  9. Write a Heartfelt Poem and Share It With Someone.
  10. Volunteer To Help Someone Who Is Very Different From You.
  11. Give a Compliment to a Complete Stranger.
  12. Go on a Polar Bear Swim (Jump In a Cold Lake).
  13. Make a “Free Hugs” Sign, Go Out In a Public Place With Your Friends and GO FOR IT.
  14. Order a Strange New Dish at a Restaurant.
  15. Explore an Abandoned Building or Area That’s Unfamiliar To You.
  16. Go on a Road Trip Without A Destination.
  17. Get Naked In Front of an Audience (whether that’s Burlesque or Telling a Personal Story or Sharing Personal Art that You Created).
  18. Learn a New Skill (Take a Dance Class, Learn a New Musical Instrument).
  19. Initiate a Conversation With Someone Far Younger or Much Older Than You.
  20. Figure Out Something You Really Want to Do That You Feel Timid About Doing.
  21. What are Some Things That You Have Heard Your Friends or Acquaintances Talk About and You Think – I’d Never Have The Guts To Do That….But It Would Be Awesome.

Share with friends. Let’s do this together.

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