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Veronica Varlow
  -  Inspiration   -  5 Design Ideas Under $15 to Make Your Space Kickass

One time I threw everything away.


Emilie came to stay with me and my Living Room consisted of a purple rug.

We had a picnic on it.

And I slowly started adding things that were me.

Here’s the 5 design additions I love at my place, all under $15…
that I know you’ll love, too!

Vintage Books on Walls or Displayed

Peek into my little Garden Kitchen:

That green beauty is from 1923 and I got it for $1 on the street.

Looking at someone’s bookshelf is almost like seeing them naked.

When I go to a new friend’s place, I always scan the bookshelves. Books tell me in about five minutes – who my friends really are and what they are into!
What are YOU into? Time to create!

Simply hit Etsy or Ebay or your local garage sales and thrift stores to score titles that reflect you or the theme of the room you’re creating.

Hand Mirrors and Other Vintage Mirrors

Step into my Tarot Reading Parlour

Mirrors reflect light and expand the look of your space.

The look of my apartment completely changed with a few well-placed mirrors.

Rock Out Some Mood Lighting

One of my favorites that I’ve mentioned before are my battery operated candles on timers scattered all throughout the house. Every night, they turn on as the sun goes down
and I greet the night with flickering candles in every room!

I get mine from Target’s Threshold collection. They are real wax, but are molded so perfectly, they look a little fake.
That’s when I take a hot hairdryer to the tops of them and mold them with my hands so they end up looking like this:


I am obsessed with plants.
They bring in life, oxygen, and beautiful color to a room.
I’m writing this post in my sunny kitchen garden right now and having these beautiful friends around me each morning when I do my posts, brings some sunshine into my day.

My little writing garden:

Got a black thumb? No problem!
Terrariums, Echeverias, Geraniums and Jade Plants line my kitchen. They need little water and are pretty death defying. Here’s a great list from Decor8 for 22 Hard to Kill Houseplants.

Found Frames and Magazine/Book Photos

Here’s a peek at my “burlesque dressing room bathroom”:
Screen Shot 2014-05-05 at 10.06.17 AM

I’m always seeing old frames in the street and in second hand stores. Pick up some of those and cut out your favorite photos from magazines or books to put in.

The above photo is from a burlesque book my friend Dicie gave to me. I carefully cut out this stunning photo of Sherry Britton, taped it on to cardboard and put it in the back of this frame with duct tape.
My frankenstein DIY skills are hidden safely against the wall and what you can see is awesome!

What are little things that you’ve done to make your space awesome?
Add a photo if you can in the comments.
I brought you over to my place, now I wanna see yours!
PS I’m at your front door. Let’s have lattes.


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