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Veronica Varlow
  -  Adventures On The Road   -  28,000 Days on this Earth: My Wild Bucket List Ideas

The Things In A Life.


Proud I Got To Be A Showgirl in This Lifetime.  Me backstage in Washington DC at the now defunct Palace of Wonders.

It started with a google image search.
I was searching for photos of my friend, Jo Weldon for this post on Monday, when I scrolled through to see all of the wild moments she’s lived so far, I thought….what an incredible life!

The average person has 28,000 days on this earth.

What Do You Want To Do With YOUR Days?

I made a Bucket List for things I want to do before I die and it goes a little something like this:

  Be a mermaid in Weeki Wachee Springs in Florida.
Picture 31  Be able to play guitar well enough to whip it out and play around a campfire in Summer under the stars.

♥  See the Great Pyramids of Egypt with my own eyes.

♥  Be able to donate a large amount of money to help someone’s biggest dream come true.

♥  Go on a cross country trip by train and write my book.

Photo by Najva Sol.

Photo by Najva Sol.

♥  Speak French fluently.

  Work at the Haunted Mansion in Disney World for a week.

♥  Travel to India to experience the Celebration of Holi, Festival of Colors.
Picture 32

  Mastermind a wild kidnapping adventure for my best friends that ends up in Mexico in a hut on the beach.

♥  See our movie on the big screen at a major film festival.

  Live in the French Quarter of New Orleans for a Summer.

  Get a full sleeve tattoo of magical symbols.

♥  Walk on hot coals.

  Kiss Burke on the top of the Eiffel Tower at nighttime when it’s sparkling.

♥  Play guitar in a band in some dive bar, smash my guitar and then hurl myself into the audience.

♥  Rob a bank.

Photo By Viva Van Story

Photo By Viva Van Story

♥  Live happily ever after.

What are some of your Bucket List ideas?
Get as specific as possible.
Maybe we can help each other make them come true…
You wanna be my co-conspirator?

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