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Veronica Varlow
  -  Goal Achieving Tips   -  3 Surefire Ways to Stick To Any Goal

We’ve all done it.
I’m talking about the countless promises we make ourselves:
We’re going to work out.
We’re going to stick to a budget.
We’re going to learn how to _______________ this year.

I don’t know about you – but half the times in my life,
I make these promises and forget them almost as fast as I make them.

This year is different. I’m keeping my promises to myself.
Here are 3 secrets that are helping me make this year awesome:

Surefire Secret #1: Snag a Mentor or Teacher to Keep You On Track.

I’ve had a secret desire to play guitar since I first saw Joan Jett and Bikini Kill rocking it out. But I had a million excuses why I didn’t have time or couldn’t do it. This year, I committed to finding a teacher. This helps  in three ways:

  • You’ll be motivated to stay on target when your teacher or mentor is someone you look up to.  I’m motivated to practice and get awesome because my guitar teacher, Robert Burke Warren, is a badass and I want to arrive to my next session showing improvement.
  • You’ll be motivated to keep working because you’re paying for that lesson or session.  Making a financial commitment when you’re on a budget will hold you to it!
  • You’ll be motivated because you’ll be on a schedule.   With guitar lessons, I know that my lessons are Mondays and Tuesdays and that I need to set aside 20 minutes a day inbetween to practice.  Having a schedule with my teacher motivates me, it’s not just me by myself practicing whenever/or not whenever I feel like it.


Surefire Secret #2:  Rock a Goal TEAMWORK Style – Get Your Friends Involved.

After six months of being on the road, between touring and doing a cross-country Kickstarter living in a van, my body was over it!  Bad road food, limited choices and not many chances to work out had me developing bad habits and getting in a slump.  One of my health and beauty icons, Alise Marie, helped get me re-vamp my daily eating habits (more on this in a future post).  All I was missing was the work out partners!  And then I saw this:

Picture 216


It didn’t take me but two seconds to respond. Then more people from around the world, people I’ve never met started joining in to what Alexandra created. It needed a name:
Picture 217

Within moments, me and roommate, ContessaCreate were on the floor counting out 100 crunches together, rocking it out to some Jack White, The Cramps, Alt J and Lorde. Today is DAY 4 – and I’m going to put in my 20 minutes of workout right after I hit publish on this sucker.

  • You’ll be motivated to continue rocking your goal because you won’t feel alone.  With #20daysofsweat,  I’m working out with a virtual community.  Just knowing there’s others out there doing it, even if I never speak with them or meet them in this lifetime, pushes me to go for it.
  • Supportive friends provide inspiration, reminders and positive feedback.  Last night, when I just wanted to collapse in bed and say eff it, I turned on my music and started with the jumping jacks.  I’m motivated to workout because seeing the tweets about it reminds me and gives me daily inspiration.
  • Healthy competition is awesome!  You’ll help push each other further than you could go on your own.

Surefire Secret #3:  Write Your Future Self a Letter.

Picture 218

Get a cute box, vintage bottle or decorated envelope.

You’re going to be putting this somewhere that you can see it all the time as a reminder.

Write a letter to You on December 31, 2014.

This will help in 3 ways:

  • It will give you a chance to really envision what sticking to these goals will do for you a full year in the future.  It will give you a chance to explain to yourself why you are actively making these commitments and why it will be beneficial for your life.
  • Writing a letter to yourself in the future and making her/him a promise weighs more heavily over making a promise to yourself right now.  When I think of the “past” me or the “future” me, I want to do anything I can to help them.  It’s almost as if “future” me is not even me, but a future best friend.  Hell yeah, I’d work out for her so that she can be healthy and look awesome.  Hell yeah, I’d skip on today’s latte to make sure she’s got a nice savings account.  You get the picture.
  • If you’re thinking about falling off the wagon, look over at the bottle/box/envelope and it will be a reminder. It is waiting for you to open it and read it and you don’t want to let future You down!

Here’s a snippet of my letter:

Dear Me of December 31, 2014…..

My Darling…. I am here in the snow of February 2014.
The sun shines and I’m thinking of you in the future.
This year got off to a rocky start, but here’s what I’m doing for you:
1. I’m taking guitar lessons for us- I promise to keep this up so that by the time you get this you can be playing all the time.  You know that campfire thing that Kat and Mason do every year where everyone pulls out their instruments and sings?  Yep.  This year, you’re going to be pulling out your guitar and rocking it out with them under the stars.

2. I just went vegan. Yep. I promise to keep this up for you. I’m already seeing differences in our skin looking brighter. By the time you get this on NYE, you’re going to be almost a year vegan. I bet your skin is glowing. Your hair is supposed to look awesome, too – and I bet you’re a lean mean fighting machine now. *high fives* Go get ’em, Tiger.

3. I’m passionate about writing in the Danger Diary. I’ve got all these wild plans for it – you’ll have to see. It’s kind of going to be awesome. I commit to keeping that up three times a week, plus adding all these new things. You are going to be PSYCHED when you see what I’m doing.

4. AND – I have a present for you….I commit to saving $3 a week from here on out and putting it in this jar. Go get that Hot Stone Massage that you always want, but never treat yourself to. It’s on me. I love you, Girl. Keep your chin up. Know that I love you tons and that I care. Go into 2015 making us proud…. Oh, and write a letter to December 31st 2015 us, would you? Tell her how you’re gonna pay all this forward.

Love, Me from February 10th

What would your letter to the You of December 31st look like?
I dare you to share a couple lines in the comments below.
Go for it.
Love and Danger,
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