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Veronica Varlow
  -  How To Tuesdays   -  Picture Post: How To Sew Rock and Roll Style (No Sewing Necessary)

I wore this t-shirt all winter on the road.
It once was a men’s large with the cool logo on the back.
Not once Maggot and I got a hold of it…

Picture 5

Rock and Roll Sewing is as easy as 1-2-3!

1. Grab t-shirt.
2. Get Scissors.
3. Destroy.

Yesterday, a package arrived from my friend, Kayvon Zand filled with goodies for backing his Kickstarter.  Kayvon is known around the world for his wild creativity and unique style – so I decided to give his shirt the Rock and Roll treatment. I think he’d be proud.

Lemme show you what I did….


1. Kill the collar.

I was probably strangled in a former life because necks on t-shirts and I do not get along. Take your scissors to the top seam shoulder line and cut about 3 inches from neck to shoulder on both sides.

Keep the back (where the tag is) intact for the moment. We’re just cutting the front right now. It should look like this:

Cut along the front in a scoop neck. It’s okay if it’s a little jagged or uneven. I couldn’t cut straight in kindergarten and it sure as hell isn’t a priority now.

Neck on front of shirt cut out:

2. Screw the Straight and Narrow….we are going JAGGED. Now it’s time to attack the back. Take a white crayon or chalk and make a zig zag outline. Stop at the point where it would be the bottom of your bra line for the girls. Boys, that’s about four inches below your armpit if you wanna rock this look. Here’s an example:

Then you grab scissors and destroy, Boys and Girls! Cut the jagged line, like this:

3. Ditch the Sleeves. Snip. Snip. Along the line. You can go an inch or two below if you want to …but the seam is good to guide the cut. Get rid of them!

4. Tie Me Up, Tie Me Down. Put it on and have someone tie you into it. Extra Bonus!
Picture 8

5. Time to Rock and Roll!
A one of a kind custom t in less than 10 minutes. Sling a belt on, smear some black eyeliner on and hit the gutters of the world with glamour.


  • Courtney


    June 6, 2019
  • Tessa

    Awesome…..want to try to make a shirt like that….thank you for sharing!!

    August 31, 2020
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