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Veronica Varlow
  -  How To Tuesdays   -  How To Rock Red Glitter Lips

Step right up for Glamour Glitter Secrets…..REVEALED!!!!

My Sassy Glitter Red Lips!

Take notes, Danger Dames……Welcome to Show Girl 101!

The #1 question I get asked by women after I do my shows is…”Where did you get your glitter lipstick?”

Ah, yes.  It’s a magical concoction of sorts.  A little bit of this, a little bit of that.  I mistakenly bought tons of “glitter lipstick” in the past that never did the trick.  I learned the secret formula backstage from my burlesque sisters at The Slipper Room(pssst!  I’ll be performing there Saturday night if you wanna see this trick up close!)

This is how it’s DONE!  One of my Besties, Burlesque Queen Jo “Boobs” Weldon sizzles in red glitter from Lip to Hip!  Photo by Allen Lee.

Step #1:  Always fill in your lips completely with liner first!   Not just the outline of your lip, but every inch of your luscious lips!  This is the secret to keeping those lips ON and staying in place until the last beat of the burlesque band at 4am.  Confession:  I cheat.  Hard.  I always line my lips slightly over their natural line to give them a fuller look. 

Step #2:  Slide some creamy red lipstick on, then top with red gloss.  This is the secret to helping the glitter stick to your lips.  There are lots of great brands out there you can try.  I suggest trying some from Hard Candy, Lush Cosmetics, Two Faced Cosmetics and other great lines that are on the Cruelty Free List.  One of the ones I’ve been loving lately is Stila’s long wear lip color creme in Phenomenal.  It’s a two in one gloss and lipstick and they are cruelty free as well!

Step #3:  It’s Glitter Time!  You can experiment with all kinds of glitter – from fine to chunky and see what you like the look of best.  I adore Manic Panic’s Ruby Slippers.  Just dab your finger in the glitter pot and softly dab onto your lips until they’re completely covered with sparkle and shine!

Step #4:  Put your matching party dress on and paint the town RED!

Want even more sparkle ideas to match those luscious lips?  Check out this awesome article by my gorgeous gal pal, Gala Darling. 

Have a great first glittery week of December! Leave your glitter tips in the comments or better yet, post your pictures after you’ve done the trick.


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