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Veronica Varlow
  -  How To Tuesdays   -  How To Make A Long Flight A Wild Adventure….Danger Dame Style!

I jumped the International Date Line and Tuesday didn’t even exist.

I’m going ahead to the future.

The future being Brisbane, Australia.

This is me in hour 19 of a 20 hour flight:

Flight Plan!

Flight Plan!

I woke up with hair matted to my pillow, yesterday’s makeup on and somebody’s baby wailing.

Flying can be insane.  With Spring Break upon us and tons of Summer Trips in store…you’ve been asking me about Travel Tips.  So this week’s How To Tuesday is dedicated to Flying WILD – Danger Dame style.  Come back next Tuesday for my favorite Must -Do Travel Tips that I picked up along the way.


Fun Tip #1:  Pillow Fight.  The last time we flew home from Australia – the plane mostly consisted of rock bands and performers – we just finished the Harvest Festival and we were still in Summer Camp mode.  Hence the spontaneous pillow fights.  It should be noted that a handful of us started it, and complete strangers jumped in.  We were all friends and laughing hysterically by the end of it.

Pillow fights will get you instant friends…meet my new friend, Natalie.

Fun Tip #2:  Ghost Stories.  We really wanted to make use of everything they gave us.  So  on the final leg home from LA to NYC someone from another band took nail clippers to a free air flight blanket and cut two little holes for eyes and put it over his head for ghost story time and walked down the aisle like that.  A blue ghost.  Wandering through the aisle.  Holding his arms up and going “oooooooooo”.   We were in hour 17 or so by this point, and had made really good friends with half the plane and the flight attendants.  That helps.

This is where the party STARTS!

This is where the party STARTS!

Fun Tip #3:  Disco Dance Party at the Exit Lounge.  We made a rule.  If you are awake, every hour on the hour is disco dance party time in the huge gaps of room by the exit door on the international planes.  People already go there to stretch and to walk around, so we figured let’s just make it a little bit more fun.  It energized us and kept us from getting blood clots from flying too long.  Again, other people we didn’t know joined in.  Major airlines – I hope you’re taking note of this post.  If you are going to put a bunch of people in a plane for 20 hours – let’s make it Summer Camp.
On a dare – I will admit, I did the moon walk backwards throughout the entire plane around the aisles.  Except when I got to the curtains of first class and the flight attendant said, “I don’t think they can handle you in there.”

Damn, right.

And it should go without saying…. this tip:
Be Kind to Your Flight Attendant.

Seriously.  Your flight attendants are dealing with crabby passengers on the daily.  People get stressed out flying.  I’ve seen it and I’ve been there.  Being kind and respectful to flight attendants will make your flight a billion times better – you can even throw some humor in there for free champagne.
Flight Attendant:  Would you like something to drink?
Me:  Champagne?
FA:  We only serve beer and wine in coach.
Me:  Huh.  Okay.  Can I have a glass of apple juice and I can just pretend then?
FA:  Are you serious?
Me:  Yep.  Keep em’ coming until I pass out.
She laughed and poured me apple juice.
Five minutes later, she was back with a full flute glass of bubbly he had stolen from First Class.
FA:  I heard this was a little bit better than the apple juice.  Just sayin.

It was.
Hope all of your adventures are bubbly, fun and free.

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