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Veronica Varlow
  -  How To Tuesdays   -  How To Change The World: Revolverlution

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One thing that I have recently learned:

For 8 years, Burke and I tried on our own to get funding for our dream.

Once we put it out to you – this community helped us accomplish it in 28 days.

More than ever, I believe in the power of community – and I want to give back.

Then, Lady Cyanide and White Rabbit Days contacted me and the brainstorming began. They had so many great ideas from talking to all of you. They started a new movement called “Revolverlution” based on the powerful community of Team Revolver. We are going to be putting updates and doing fun challenges/contests monthly – like our page here to keep in the loop. Today, Lady Cyanide and White Rabbit Days are KICKING this off. Check out their awesome video:

Here are the details – straight from White Rabbit Days:

“Following Burke, Veronica and Niney’s kickstarter, we realized how huge Team Revolver really was – we realized that so many people around the globe were coming together and creating a family – a family who fosters dreams, and works to make them come true. Seeing the support and love between members of Team Revolver on twitter was just so overwhelming, and we wanted to take this a step further.

Lady C and I were planning a catch up on New Years Eve, and were talking with Kristi and a few other people about what we were going to wish for over the New Year. This simple idea snowballed into something much bigger – Revolverlution. Our ideas became bigger and bigger, and then with the support of Veronica, Burke and Lola Star, it became bigger still – we plan to make it unstoppable.

Our first challenge is to take the love we’ve seen in the Revolver community, out into the world, through our first challenge – Acts of Kindness month.

Do you want to be apart of this?

This month we want you to:

    • Do something nice for 6 different people you don’t know. For example: pay them a compliment, give a hand to someone in need, write cute notes and leave them in public places. Use your imagination.
    • Volunteer at a charitable organization for at least 3 hours. Then share your volunteer story with us, along with photos, screenshots or video. *Remember no faces unless you have their permission to upload.
    • Send your stories to us at:
    • Each entry goes into the draw to win an amazing prize pack from indie business owner and volunteering hero, Lola Star.
    Lola Star on the Coney Island Boardwalk

    Lola Star on the Coney Island Boardwalk

    You can submit your entry up to January 31, 2014. Every person who submits a story with photos or video will receive a sticker pack from Danger Dame to thank you for volunteering and making the world a better place.

    Let’s do this!

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