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Veronica Varlow
  -  How To Tuesdays   -  3 MUST HAVE Tips To Live The Good Life in 2014 From Our Lady J!

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One Word: Confidence.
I took to my Facebook page to ask you what you wanted to know about and over and over – confidence came up.

We just moved into the Lunar New Year on January 31st – the Year of the Horse.
If I could give you any message – it is:
“Time to take the reigns of your life.”

There’s one woman that comes to my mind right away when I hear confidence.
And Danger Diary Addicts…today’s your lucky day – because she’s spilling her secrets on today’s blog!
The first time I ever saw her was on the other side of the world.
She was exiting a van, about to sing her music in a billowing and red circus tent.
Her blonde hair was piled high on her head.
Blood red lips perfectly lined.
She teetered gracefully in 6 inch heels on the grass.
And she had “IT”.

You know that thing that you can’t describe about someone –
that magnetism that just pulls you toward them.
The shine.
It was as if a light just turned on in the room
when she walked in.
Her name is Our Lady J.
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From the moment we met, until the moment we had to board planes for different destinations, we were inseparable. She showed me beauty and makeup tips and I hung on her every single word.
Picture 181
Without further ado – I’m handing the Danger Diary over to Our Lady J for today to give you her top 3 Secrets to the Good Life!  If you’re loving her tips as much as I am – you can check out her gorgeous world over here!

Our Lady J’s Secret Tip # 1: Define your own beauty.

Other people’s perceptions of beauty are being sold to us at every turn we take. It’s business. But we don’t have to let their ideals control our lives. Instead of ignoring what they’re feeding you, let your own definition of beauty speak louder than their programming. For me, beauty is personal mental and physical health, generosity towards others, compassion, creativity, and LIGHT. I also have made my beauty my higher power, the goddess that helps me when I am lost. When I trust beauty, I know I will find peace in life, no matter the turmoil in which I find myself.

Our Lady J’s Secret Tip #2:  Live a life of creation.

As an artist, it’s easy to get caught up in constant criticism of myself and the world which within I create. I have to remember that it is not my duty to judge my own work – it is my only job to create. If I am criticizing myself or others, I am blocking the flow of energy that it takes to make something new.

Our Lady J’s Secret Tip #3:  Pretend you’re a unicorn.

As a 6-foot tall blonde transgender woman with perfect breasts and a face for the gods, I get a lot of stares from strangers everywhere I go. The only way I’ve been able to dismiss these with compassion is to imagine that these people have never seen a unicorn before, and that I must look like a unicorn to them. As a rare mystical creature, of course people are going to stare! Imagine that the world is in awe of your beauty, and you will be free of the stress that can come with standing out in public spaces.

Love and Kisses –
Our Lady J
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