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Veronica Varlow
  -  Dreams and Magic   -  Passion! Magic! Combined! How to Craft a Sizzling Charm for Your Lover.

It all started with a picture.

He’s holding me up on his shoulders, I’m pointing the camera down at the both of us. In the bottom of the frame there is a burst of color from the Autumn leaves all over the ground. We are laughing.

It was the first picture ever taken of Burke Heffner and me.

And…. I’m the only one who’s ever seen it.

Because I sewed it into a love charm.


The first time I ever laid eyes on him I was smitten.

So I did what the women in my family would have done….I got out my needle and my thread. And I sewed a pillow for him.

A wish in every stitch.

One thing I learned is that wishing and creating things in my mind is only half of it.  I  have to ground my wishes into the physical world. That’s why I love crafting candles with my intentions, that’s why there’s little altars all over my apartment…..

I had my mind set on it.  I was going to make this sizzling boy an equally sizzling charm.

This is where I put the magic disclaimer in….when I was making the pillow I was not doing it to manipulate him to love me. It doesn’t work like that. Besides that, I’d never be into anyone that I could manipulate. By making this charm, I was letting it be known that I really really liked him.   And if he liked me back, great – and if he didn’t, well no amount of magic was going to help that anyway.  I know that I can’t push things that just aren’t meant to be.

But luckily….our love match was in the cards.

The love charm I made definitely gave our new relationship a super boost, and I wanted to share it with you.

Here’s how to make your own magical charm:
1. Find the perfect fabric for your pillow.  Let your imagination run wild.  You can go with classic deep purple velvet like the original love pillow charm I made or get pattern crazy! Check out this super cute fabric I found over at Superbuzzy….

Photo Courtesy of SuperBuzzy

Photo Courtesy of SuperBuzzy

Or the print from Disney’s Haunted Mansion that I found at Spoonflower. Can you even? Love.

Photo Courtesy of Spoonflower

Photo Courtesy of Spoonflower

2. Cut 2 pieces of fabric out that are 16 inches by 16 inches (41 centimeters by 41 centimeters).  Lay the fabric square #1 down on a table so the vibrant good side of the fabric is facing you. Lay fabric square #2 down on top of it so that back of the fabric is facing you (meaning the 2 “outside” parts of what will be the pillow are currently kissing.

3. About half an inch in, pin the fabric together. And then hand stitch just three sides. With every stitch make a wish. Here’s a great picture tutorial on how to make a pillow.

Photo Courtesy of WikiHow

Photo Courtesy of WikiHow

4. Once you have sewn three sides, turn that pillow right side out and stuff with 100% cotton filler for pillows that you will be able to find at any fabric or craft store.

5. Now comes the fun part…what to tuck inside the pillow?
Here are things that I put in:

  • Our very first photo together, protected by an envelope.
  • Both of our tickets from one of our first dates together at the Hayden Planetarium.
  • A small button that was my Grandma Helen’s.  I had a feeling that she was responsible for putting us both on that student film set the day we met.
  • Small rose buds for love.
  • Lavender and mugwort for good dreaming.
  • A pinch of nutmeg for good luck and spice!
  • A love letter that I wrote for him in which I poured my heart onto the paper.
  • A strand of the flowers that I wore in my hair the day that we met.
This is me on the very day that I met Burke.  And those flowers in my hair were sewn into his pillow.

This is me on the day that I met Burke.  The flowers in my hair were sewn into his pillow.

6. I carefully tucked all of these things in between the cotton filling so they wouldn’t be poking him in the head while he slept. Then I sewed the pillow shut with all my good thoughts and wishes.

In essence, it’s like making a gris-gris or mojo bag for someone to sleep on. When I gave him the pillow, I told him that I had sewn magical charms inside.

On the one year anniversary of the day we met, I told him the first picture that ever captured us as a couple was in there.

He smiled and closed his eyes.

He had seen it in his dreams.

Burke and Me.  This was at the very beginnings of our magical relationship.  <3

My True Love, Burke Heffner and Me. One year after the day we met.  <3

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