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Veronica Varlow
  -  Dreams and Magic   -  Magic Monday: Magic for the New Year & LIVE AUCTION!

In New York City, there is just two days left until this happens….

Picture 53

On this last Magic Monday of 2013, in the spirit of Revolverlution and giving back -I want to give you a chance to take home something of mine for a good cause.

I woke up at dawn and this was the first thing I read:
Picture 54

I wanted to take action! So here’s what I’m doing:
Picture 62
Most of you may or may not know, but the first ukulele I ever played was originally owned by Killian Mansfield. Killian passed on at the age of 16 from cancer. He still continues to touch the lives of others and the Killian Mansfield Foundation is attempting to get 1,500 copies of the book “Grumpy Fish” into the hands of children in hospitals battling cancer.
They can only do it with our help!

Killian rocking out his design on a past flier.

Killian rocking out his design on a past flier.

You can donate with me to this great cause by clicking here, AND as an added incentive, I’m having a mini auction right here in the comments for some of my things.
Rules:   Auction closes tonight at midnight USA eastern – so the highest bid at that moment wins.  Your bid does not include shipping – add $6 to USA Domestic Shipping and $20 to International Shipping – that way ALL of your bid can go to getting these beautiful and helpful books to children that need them.  Only bid if you can paypal within 24 hours – so that I can donate it all to the foundation tomorrow.

At Midnight, I will list the winners! And I will also post my three top magical ways to enter into 2014 immediately after so my beautiful friends on the other side of the world will have it before it hits midnight there.

Auction Item #1: Magic Pack – Two packs from my vintage oracle card collection. The Gypsy Queen cards are hard to find and are from the 1940s. I am also including two corked vials on handmade powder incense that I found while on tour. They are named Lilith and Durga.
Picture 58

Auction Item #2: Punk Rock Princess. Custom Made Awesome Skirt valued at $150. I wore this skirt to ring in the New Year of 2012 and also rocked it out at the Harvest Festival in Australia. Size XS-Small (waist 25″, Hips: Free)

Auction Item #3: Belly Dance Fluffy Leg Ruffles Custom Made by designer to Tribal Belly Dancing Stars – Kathleen Crowley! Valued at $200. Mine are cream colored and dusty brown – shown in the last picture. All you need is a garter belt or garter shorts to hold up and you are ready to GO!
Picture 57
Picture 59

Put your high bid for the item you want in the comments…bidding starts at zero – don’t be shy!

On your mark, get set, GO!

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