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Veronica Varlow
  -  Dreams and Magic   -  Magic Monday: Dreaming with Trees

Picture 24

In my dream, I found myself in a forest.
There was a heavy mist all around and a river that ran through it.
Lauren showed up.
She was carrying tiny twigs she found from the trees and twine.
In waking life, she draws magic doodles that come true.

Picture 43

Lauren’s Magic Doodle of Burke and I dreaming of Revolver and its success.

In this dream life, she was showing me how to take the twigs and wrap twine around them to make faeries.
She made faerie houses and faerie doors to put at the bottom of tree trunks.
Picture 25
I opened my eyes this morning just as dawn was spilling in…
reflecting against the glass buildings of the city.
The dream forest and Lauren’s magical crafting were still fresh in my mind and pushed me out of bed to take on this day with new adventure.
It reminded me of something my Grandma and I used to do that I wanted to share with you.

Dreaming with Trees

When I was 6 years old, I played on a large rock in my back yard every day.
When I was 7 and we moved, I played in the woods across the street from me – dreaming up other worlds.
My Grandma encouraged me to look for the fallen bark of trees at the base of their trunk and sleep with it under my pillow. She said that trees lived very long lives and they had good stories to share and once you were sleeping they would tell you a story in your dreams.
Whenever I’ve felt stressed or overwhelmed with the world,
I take a walk and try to find bark fallen from trees
or an interesting rock or shell
and I put it under my pillow.
There are two rocks that I have had for years that I tuck under my pillow as needed….
one is a citrine rock and the other one is an amethyst rock.
I gave the amethyst away to a dear friend this weekend.
For she needs it for dreaming…
and it was time to let the amethyst have a new adventure.
Perhaps that’s why I had my dream of the woods.

Do you want to hear the stories of the trees and rocks with me?

    • Go on a scavenger hunt to find an interesting rock or piece of bark.  Only take the bark if it’s already on the ground, don’t take it from the tree itself.  You can also take fallen branches or twigs.
    • Put your found object out tonight to soak up the energy of the full moon.  The full moon shall be shining 4:29am eastern time on Tuesday – which means I’m putting mine out tonight to get the full effect!  If you are charging things for the New Year – this is your last chance for a full moon in 2013.  Don’t forget!

Picture 26

  • On Tuesday night, with all the energy of the full moon in your found nature object, place it under your pillow.
  • Be sure to go to sleep with a pen and paper beside you to write down dreams.
  • Set your alarm an hour earlier than you normally would so you will most likely wake up in the middle of a dream and you will be able to recall it easier.
  • Write down the story you were given and any details you might remember.  It might not make sense now, but it will!  The natural bones of our earth have many stories to share.

Take a picture of your found nature object and share in the comments below.  I want to see the pretty things you find.

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I can’t wait to dream with all of you.  I’m headed off now to find a new nature object to dream with….I’ll post my findings here in the comments, too.

Happy Adventuring!

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