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Veronica Varlow
  -  Dreams and Magic   -  Magic Monday: Creating Magic While You Sleep

I slept on top of Nikki Sixx last night.


…well.  On top of his memoir book,  “This Is Gonna Hurt.”

I got home at 3am this morning. I dragged my purple suitcase filled with burlesque costumes, makeup and glitter behind me on the streets of Brooklyn as snow came down.  I curled up in the warmth of my room and wrote for two hours in the quiet of the night.   It’s my favorite time….the time when most people are sleeping.  The Time when computers, brains and cell phones are shut off.  The words flow better in the quiet.

I wrote until the sky started to lighten…soft colors blurring on the edge of night.

Picture 29

Then I devoured Sixx’s memoir.  His writing is raw.  Honest.  A good mix of self depreciation and self-confidence.

I like it.

….And before the sun rose completely…I tucked his book under my mattress and slept on it.

To absorb.  To learn.  To dream.

Like a rock and roll version of Princess and the Pea.

You would be surprised of all the things I sleep on top of…..

IMG_1975Under our mattress of our swinging bed is colored wax from all the love spells that Burke and I have done together over the years.

A braid of our hair woven together.

Love notes.

Pinches of mugwort for good dreaming.

A piece of my paper from my journal with my life goals scrawled on it.

Lucky pennies and cinnamon sticks for luck and spice.

We are dragons sleeping on treasure.

Picture 27

The good mattress we owned went up in flames two years ago with the rest of everything in that house. But the one we sleep on in Brooklyn…the one that’s 10 years old and was bought for 99 bucks on the boulevard has always been my favorite one.

It’s my cozy sensual nest – I drop essential oils onto the sheets and iron their scent in.   Rose petals are curled in wax underneath. The sultry smell of cloves and nutmeg warms my room…

No matter where I rest my head – whether in my beloved swinging bed, or in a bunk on a tour bus traveling down the highways of night…

Picture 30

Me in bunk on the tour bus.


my pillowcase is stuffed with poetry and spells written in my hand, it is stuffed with my well-worn tarot cards and the ripped pages of my journal that I’ve written my wildest dreams on.

I absorb it all.

When I drift off to sleep, when my mind takes me away on adventures somewhere else, my body is resting on these things….these workings of magic to weave into my waking life.

Check this out:

75 = Average Life Expectancy

7 = Average Number of Sleep Hours Per Night

Which means….we sleep almost 20 years of our lives.

If I’m going to sleep for 20 years, I choose to make it an enchanted sleep.

Two night ago, the cards told their story to me.

Picture 28

To be fair….I asked.

And then I slept on them.  I tucked them in my pillow with a note asking a question…..

and I woke up knowing.

May we all wake up knowing…..

Good Morning, World.



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