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Veronica Varlow
  -  Dreams and Magic   -  How To Change A Stranger’s Day with Three Words.
My Snow Shoes.

I was ready for an adventure.
The sun was streaming through the trees.
In the forest that I walk, there is a large heart shaped rock and the bottom point of the heart points home.
At the heart rock, that is where the trail breaks off into three different trails to choose….
I closed my eyes and was drawn towards one.
Picture 123
I imagined myself in some old Choose Your Own Adventure book.
I wondered where I would end up and what treasures I could find in the wild.
The path was waiting….
Picture 125
I could hear the stream
singing in the distance.
Branches on the ground were shaped like runes.
I looked up to the sun in the sky.
Picture 120
I turned a corner and…
stopped in my tracks.
There it was.
Between two trees on a board of wood:
Picture 121
When I saw it, my whole chest lit up like I found the secret I was looking for.
Some twigs a stranger arranged to spell the words to the world
that I stumbled upon
in the middle of a forest.
I’ll never know the person who did it –
but seeing that made my day.

It inspired me to gather twigs and sticks and create my own “I love you” messages – one which I left in front of our hobbit door of our house for Burke to find when he came home.

I peeked through the crack where the two doors came together and saw his face change when he saw it.
He found treasure there, too.

The UPS guy, the next day, thought it was pretty cool, as well.

Tomorrow is a big day.
It is the last day to submit to the Act of Kindness Challenge and the last day to submit your name and mailing address to be included in the International Secret Valentine Exchange.
Picture 126

Over 100 responses came in during the first few hours of the International Valentine Exchange…this is a chance for you to be able to send a Valentine to a stranger somewhere in the world, and for another stranger somewhere else in the world to send one to you. We are making this Valentine’s Day a secret adventure.

Please pass on this info to others, put it on your facebook and your twitter, spread the word so that no one needs to feel alone or sad on that day. My goal is to get 1,000 people involved in the project. We can do this together. Click here for the link with all the info!

Please join us. Your kind words can make a huge difference to someone else. Know this.

Love to all…. Wave at me in the comments after you’ve signed up!

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