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Veronica Varlow
  -  Dreams and Magic   -  Elevate Your Witchy Senses With Nature Divination

Dear Friends.

As I’m writing this, there is a rainstorm outside that is making its music on the roof. The tiny white string lights are glowing in my living room and the pumpkin harvest candle is flickering in the window.  The once-quiet creek filled with dozens of little rock cairns that David and I made this Summer is now rushing and raging against the stones. The temperature has dropped twenty degrees since yesterday and in the romance of writing these little rituals to you, I made myself a cup of hot chocolate with vegan marshmallows to enjoy! I like to think of you being here with me and drinking hot chocolate with me out of a ghost mug!

Normally, I find myself getting a bit nostalgic, contemplative and a little bit melancholy as the weather begins to cool, but this year, I am feeling deeply recharged by planning creative hands-on spells and magick for Witch Camp next month (psssst – there are still spots left). After a hiatus of 3 long years, I’m feeling revived knowing I will be back doing one of the things I love best in the world. I’ve been really channeling the Witchy-ness of this season and by playing, I accidentally discovered a new nature divination for me that you might want to try, too!

As Witches, Nature can be one of our most powerful teachers. I find that the more time I allow myself to play in the realms of nature, whether it’s in the forest of the mountains or Central Park in New York City, the more creative and primal my magick becomes. This week, David and I made a bonfire to celebrate Contessa’s birthday. David had gathered a large bundle of tiny sticks for kindling. Once the fire got going and the sticks moved with the flames, I clearly saw the shape of a rune pattern right in front of me!

The sticks fell in the shape of the rune Algiz (which looks like a Y shape with a line going down the middle). The rune of Algiz represents the higher self,  protection, teaching and a spiritual connection. 

What a perfect message to receive from the fire as I was contemplating new and fun rituals for Witch Camp!

Because of this playful moment, I got the idea to play a Fire Divination game at one of our Witch Camp bonfires in October – and you can play wherever you are!

  • Light an outdoor bonfire if you can. If you can’t do a bonfire (bring a cauldron outdoors and get a small fire going with lit charcoals and by adding bay leaves.
  • Take 9 small twigs or sticks (depending on the size of fire you are working with) and hold them in the palms of your hands to ask a question.
  • Ask the Spirits (or your Guardians or Ancestors) the question out loud, leaning your head back to the night sky.
  • Hold the twigs tightly against your heart and when you are ready, throw into the bonfire or cauldron.
  • Allow yourself to read the shapes of the sticks as they fall. They may bring a picture to mind, or they may be shaped like runes or numbers.
  • Take note of your fire divination in your Grimoire. Write the date and time and moon cycle and the image that appeared in the sticks.

I hope you enjoy this fun Autumn divination!

— Veronica Varlow

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