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Veronica Varlow
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I love a good challenge.

My mission: to make a vintage accessorized look for less than $5.

This is what I found at my local thrift store’s jewelry ‘junk’ drawer:
♥  Broken Faux Pearl Necklace: 75 cents
♥  One clip-on earring (other one missing): free
♥  Bronze chain: $1.50
♥  Costume jewelry rings that don’t fit my fingers: $2.00
Total Damage: $4.25

Now let’s create a Vintage Bohemian Goddess Look – it’s as easy as 1-2-3.

  1. Take broken necklace, drape across your head and add bobby pins to secure- instant bohemian crown.  Serve up some 1920s REALNESS.

Picture 26

2.  Take the one clip-on earring and clip to front of dress for instant vintage high glamour.

Picture 223.   Take chain and string a bunch of costume jewelry rings on it.  I additionally added one costume jewelry ring of my Grandma Helen’s and one costume jewelry piece that Burke gave to me.

Picture 24

And voila – the completed look:

Oh and PS – beyond the accessories which cost me under $5 – I snagged the vintage peach slip for $8 – bringing the entire outfit AND accessories to $12.25.

Hell yes.  Mama’s got rent to pay and adventures to have.  I can’t be spending all my cash on clothes.  I am a hardcore thrift store junkie.

Did you like these ideas?  Wanna see more fashion features from me in the future?  Let me know.  I wanna spill secrets that are most helpful to you.

Got thrift store secrets of your own?  Hit me in the comments!



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